New Class!


Omega lul


also that quest lol




At least those were leprechauns; you did not witness the Second Cuming of SwatSec, dear lord!

The class fared pretty well in glands IMO, I tried using the weaker Sheath and I love slashing/demolitioning a ghost god before it can touch me. I have vid on YT if anyone wants to see an example.

Edit: @Nevov requested vid. I find the slash damage most effective on ghost gods because of their low HP, making for an easy in-n-out sort of move. Then again, if they’re implementing sheath, damage is probably getting buffed.

Sample vid


Yes, please.


This samurai looks like crap. Why is it ugly green? Its needs a bit more…well…Armor.


I don’t think it is samurai, it may be the ranger




Wild west + pacific islands = Ranger sprite with samurai personality.


You mean like this?


TIL that ranger uses armor


This is an awesome idea! I like the dash ability of the sheath, but this is WAY more lore appropriate and it gives the samurai a more group oriented role.


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