New Cloak: Candlelight Cloak


Candlelight Cloak


A cloak retrieved from a dead rogue who wandered through darkness for a long time and as such, it shrouds the wearer in complete darkness. Now combined with a candle, it seems to produce a faint light around the user, keeping the monsters in the darkness at bay, while safekeeping the one with the candle.


Tier: UT
MP Cost: 150
Effect: Sick for 3.5 seconds, Darkness for 3.5 seconds, -300 HP for 3.5 seconds
Cooldown: 4 5.5 seconds
Stat Bonuses: -3 DEF, +5 VIT, +2 SPD
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 980

Note: Can’t be used if HP <=300

Loot Bag: image

Drops From:

  • Monster in the Darkness (name)

More info

You may be wondering, why would i want to use a cloak that only offers debuffs?
Do not forget that Darkness is, by many, considered an useful status effect and would be great to use for rushing if controlled at will.
Constructive criticism is welcomed.


Far too punishing to use. Sick and the hp decrease will ensure a swift death if things don’t go perfect. Personally I’d consider darkness to be enough since it can be quite a gamble


I see. If it is used after spotting danger it can act like a way to save oneself from possible incoming shots so i thought it would be too op for it to just be darkness but the Sick probably takes care of it.


I’m a bit confused and probably about to discover something new. How is darkness a usefull status effect?


You are, Darkness unloads things outside of your vision, which means to other players you could be getting gangbanged by 10 ice spheres, but since you cant see it, it doesnt happen

Also, this idea isnt fleshed out yet, no, sprite, seems to be still changing, moved to wip


Yes, but you said it yourself. Unloads things outside our vision. If at least one ice sphere is on top of you it’s in your vision. Ded.

Darkness is an idea I really want to work on a cloak, so it’s good to see someone try it again.


Interesting concept.

Tried to make sprite but don’t know which is better
candlelightA candlelightB


Your idea is really interesting, i think it should drop from a boss from shatters cause one of the enemies there cause darkness.


This will kill you.


Is it ok if i use one of those to fill the Image space?


Yeah, It’s supposed to be a high risk/high reward kind of Cloak. (High reward as, better and faster rushes.) I remember a while back reading something about Toastrz trying to make a Cloak with Darkness but that he wasn’t able to, since it was too OP of a status effect to be given to players the possibility of controlling it at will. Imagine rushing a LH using Darkness. You have to dodge basically nothing and all you have to do is to hug the walls and keep walking since most enemies are slower than players, that’s why i originally gave it a -300 HP debuff, so one could be damaged a lot or even insta-killed if not careful. I still think having only a Sick debuff isn’t enough to make up for this insanely powerful status effect (in the right hands). Probably adding a longer cooldown will make up for it, since it will give enemies the chance to attack the player while he is waiting for it to refresh.




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