New items from Library/Public Testing Thread


It would be interesting to see all of the new items that were added and since deca did not give us a list of items, I made this instead. Post the drops that you get in this thread


The seal I’ve looted after only two runs… 1/10 chance? 1/100? I had 64 wis at the time of posting (don’t know how wis modifier affects it, if at all) but it increases max mp by 48 and wis by 21 for 7 seconds.

Edit: I also got this dagger…feels sort of like a mix between bone dagger and stinger… I’ve always wanted a dagger better than bone dagger but worse than (read: far less rare) than stinger.


Reposted Demon’s pics w/ the image url instead of album so it’d load here. + the other two items






Sorcerers with Scepter of Devastation will follow any paladin with this Seal nonstop.


Oh lmao, I didn’t even think about that. Here I was sitting in game, a paladin with 183 mp unable to use the ability thinking “what the heck is the horribad seal?” Makes it worse 'cause I couldn’t really coordinate a run or something where it would actually be useful to the group, of course solo play it is bad.


Eh, the Seal would only be useful on either enormous groups or specific groups with characters that have wismod like Priests, Paladins, Necromancers (not so much), Sorcerers and Mystics, but on the last case a normal seal would be better.

The best way to use the seal is when there’s another Paladin in the group using a normal seal, as two seals would be redundant.


Exactly, which makes it somewhat difficult to test on testing given there aren’t that many people to begin with, and it’s hard to tell how much of a difference it’s making to the group (unless you’re running with experienced friends who know what they’re doing, and have a sense of “normal” pet mheal from prod / wismod factors).


I wouldn’t really call it a mix between those 2 weapons, because this dagger doesn’t actually pierce nor armor pierces. It’s better described as the “Demon blade of daggers”, except the faster fire rate would mean it likely outdamages most- if not- all daggers for enemies with low to medium defense provided you land both shots on the enemy.

It’ll likely be a hard dagger to use since it’s used on leather classes, but rogue would probably be able to utilise this dagger to its fullest potential in more circumstances than the other 2 dagger classes


my first draconis solo ever


I know, but I could legit see myself using this in a Nest in a vain attempt to solo a nest, so…


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