New Leo's UPE/PPE/NPE/UNPE Thread


My last thread closed down so making a new one!


  1. No vault
  2. No trading
  3. No Forge
  4. No tinkerer/daily calendar
  5. Yes to discord runs though


upe first o3

lol gonna need to find some dex and atk. not even sure if I hit sb on beisa


Know it’s not a big accomplishment but my ninja rushed it’s first abyss (used a bunch of hp pots though. it was scary)


1/8 mana. Also don’t worry about matlab

Also just noticed I missed the star pic… sorry… but it’s also just a common star.


god damn it


Sorc NPE (only showing shit that comes sb cause you don’t need to see my t2’s…) That was a painful oryx battle god damn


Budget Stinger

Ooh and a cute little thing from sprite


Ahha. I can actually probably land sb now!

And a snake eye ring. O3’s here I come (in a bit lol)


them upgrades


Dubs pentract. No whites but still dubs


got a bit cocky. that run was kinda dog lol


Meet Bob. Bob is a summoner ppe. Bob is gong to cheat because summoner is awfully designed. If Bob hits 15k fame, and has achieved the neccessary amount of big boy whites, Bob is going to make incubation mace and Leohe, try as he might, will not be able to stop Bob

Once again, I will not be showing items below sb (purple bags +) because I don’t want to have 10 screenshots of items that are kinda sad


Bob was leeching, and as always, he was rewarded for his lack of hard work


Bob was a dick and had a really short and tragic life lol


Meet Sam. Sam is cool.

Journey to 20

Sam has obtained the most important part of his journey

Sam’s Kendo carries

Kendo need nerf

Budget Snake

Back to back white ish

Slow but steady progress

Praise God



Trying an warrior OPE (or my definition of an OPE)
Basically it’s a UPE with more rights:
It is allowed tiered items. However, you cannot utilize a tiered item until you have collected all items of lower tier. Because I am defining UT as untiered, they can be swapped in at any time

Progress So Far

Edit: Current Gear: t7/t2/t6/t2

T7 Armor? Wooh

Yellow Alien Adventures (to cheat out some pots)




Huh… I never did get the stheno skin though I consumed it. Is that a glitch or something? Cause I really wanted it


Meet Stanley. He’s going to be yet another sorc ppe. He’s a rabbit and he’s being followed around by a fat toaster