(New Mace) Stardust Caller




Made from the fossilized remains of the Tesseract Goddess, it allows one to conjure and concentrate starlight around the caster, directing it wherever they intend for it to shine.


Tier UT
MP Cost: 30 MP/Second
On Equip: +5 ATK, +50 MP
Damage: 500
Summons: A stationary sprite child around you, use summon control button to make them converge.
Stats: 100 HP
Effect(s) Explodes within a 1.5 tile radius
Star Sovereign: Removes summon capacity limit.
Lifetime: 30 seconds
XP Bonus: 7%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 800

Drops From:

More info:

I wanted to suggest a new UT for Summoner although I don’t play the class too much so bear with me and leave any thoughts you have below.

Essentially this would be a sort of ‘quick burst’ mace where the summoner can make use of situations where the enemy is down and not shooting a lot of bullets.

Mechanically, this would work by the player having a sprite child spawned within 5 tiles of them, this location is random and the sprite child may die due to it being vulnerable (having 100 HP). However, the player can make them converge towards their mouse by using their summon control button. The sprite child then becomes invulnerable and dashes towards the target location, exploding once it arrives or dies before it is called to converge. The sprite children cannot block bullets and will be spawned again in a random location nearby (5 tiles) the player if they leave the max range that summons can be apart from the player.

Let me know what you think of the ability in the comments or what you think about the idea in the poll! I’m generally open to suggestions and thoughts to edit this idea so about this so feel free to comment what you think about it!

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Haha, Summy with max MP build goes brrrrrrr.


If my calculations are correct, on a max MP build with full MP exaltations, you can summon up to 27 stars, dealing a total of 13,500 burst damage should they all survive. It would take a total of 27 seconds to get them all spawned though so it would turn out to around 500 DPS. This burst could be pushed a bit further with a Scholar Seal Paladin however it already might be nearing the 30 second lifetime the summons have.


So pet mheal turned off on hold? What is the maximum “charging” range? The stars having health but not blocking bullets is interesting.

This would be pretty hilarious to see. I imagine someone leeching behind a pillar in hideout during 5 shotguns so they can release their wrath on malus. Pretty situational, but I would definitely enjoy using it.


Yup! The radius stars can spawn would be 5 tiles around the player. They would sorta sit idly moving side to side occasionally.


They should make Summoner a Wis-mod class IMO, or else there is no point of having 75 Wis. IK this will be OP but hear me out:

Basically, every additional 20 Wis you have beyond 50 Wis Threshold, increase the summons capacity by one. Yeah that’s all.


So I meant converging range. Like I spawn them and don’t move far enough away that they tp to me, do they still charge all the way (like in cult).


Ah, the summons would charge all the way to your cursor position. There’s no real limit to how far it can travel, it will really only depend if it manages to get there.


I like it. Similar to other 3d items its gimmicky and interesting. My only worry is that when it can be used well its a bit op but I think for the most part this is good.