New Orb in testing


Made a video about it. Check it out if you want to :slight_smile:


wait. Can’t you troll easily with it in lab 2nd or something? cuz it doesn’t seems to have cD


You could also do that with a quiver


i still think we can add CD on this orb to make it balanced


You can troll 2nd lab boss without a quiver also… Just stand behind it and drag it away. So I’m not really concerned.



Instant paralyze and slow is quite powerful but it is most beneficial to classes that convert the debuffs to actual damage (for example, archer’s quiver enables easy dbow hits). Mystic sacrifices curse and berserk for this, which are also sources of damage. The orb is a good situational item but I also think no-cooldown stasis + berserk in tiered orbs is equally as strong.

What situations would you actually use this over a tiered orb?

In my opinion, stasis is usually a better defensive ability than paralyze/slow, and berserk/curse is often a better offensive buff - especially since other classes in a large group can already paralyze/slow, but no other class can replace a mystic.


Oh, great point. I didn’t think about it that way. I guess it makes sense that dps is harder to get with no berserk or damaging.

Also @Idragonet why link the video? That’s what I just explained.


Demonstration plus… it’s just a video alright. It doesn’t need explanation as to why I linked it.


Ok. I was just wondering :joy:


maybe they’ll make more enemies immune to paralysis now at least in endgame content


All the end game enemies will be everything immune eventually…


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