New pet ability ideas


Heal, Magic Heal and Electric are the end all be all’s of pet abilities. Just thought of some abilities that might be good. Pets abilities just have so much creative freedom that’s not being taken advantage of. It’s a surprise it hasn’t been expanded upon. Although understandably it would be a hassle to reinvest in for veterans because of the broken ability of divine pet heals. But on the other hand, introducing new abilities will be good for new players, get old players who have already max divine pets to experiment and not to mention, generate revenue for Deca.

Pets can hold items for you, acting as a backpack. Level up so they can carry more. Can’t unfollow until pet inventory is emptied. As a unique effect, pets carrying items upon death will retain said items. No other pets can follow you until this pet follows you first, then unfollowed.

Pet multiplies fame gain upon death. Starts at x1.1 then increases by leveling up.

Pet takes a hit instead of you for fatal blows. Pet then remains stasis, or some form for an extended period of time or until you nexus. Level up to decrease cool down.

Pet increases chances of loot. Level up to increase chance boost.

Pet can equip an ability item (only tiered), periodically activating it at base effect (0 wis). Level up to decrease cool down. Level 0 has a cooldown of 180 seconds for reference of how long.

The problem with most current pet abilities is they aren’t passive and are trying to be some sort of second form of dps which it shouldn’t be limited to. The skies the limit with pet abilities, it just takes a little creativity. (and coding)


These kinda make pets even more OP, nice ideas, but ngl I’d rather see pets get nerfed or people would become too reliant on them with some of these extra abilities.


No, I’m bad at this game


True. legendary/divine pets are broken. But adding new abilities doesn’t make them OP if thought out right and nerfing might be a solution. But another reason why heals are so broken is because its basic. No drawbacks or specific to a situation. There was clearly little thought put into it and was a cash grab.


1.1x is a lot of fame (10%). Make it from 1.01x to 1.25x so its not too op but enough op

Incredibly OP, nerf so it takes partial damage or something.

How does this work? Will you give the pet an ability similar to the storage pet ability? Will the ability be kept forever even if the character dies?

Honestly, I can see this being either incredibly broken or incredibly useless, no in-between. Can’t you just get multiple copies of this pet, die with pet storing items, and not equip them on your next character?


Reminds me of one of my first posts on this forum, and I do like most of these, except these two

lucky would definitely be on the p2w side of things, especially since it takes so much fame/gold to level up rare pets, not to mention legendary or divine pets eat up thousands of fame.

loan would be hard to code in my opinion and @Chennitoa brings up a good point about the permanence of the ability itself after death.


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