New Scammer - [redacted]


Not sure how many check around here but be careful for ShingaPT. He had up a deca for 9 life. Assumingly I thought I’d trade the first life, go grab another then trade the 8 life for the deca. After giving the first life he quickly left and has yet to trade even though being online in another realm. At the end of the video I show our chat to confirm that was the transaction.

Stay safe!

  • SilverEyex


Hi, there’s nothing the forums can do about scammers.
To keep the community aware via RealmEye, you can tag the person with:
/tell mreyeball tag scammer <name>

For more info about RealmEye tagging:

If you wish you could send the video to Deca, if you want to make them aware:

For any regulars, please don’t WC as user is new registered and cannot see WC.


We don’t use these forums for reporting scammers or cheaters,
but please use the other RealmEye methods to tag the person: