New Series: Quest Chests!


Whoo a new series is always fun! Let me know if you think I should edit them more or what you think of the video quality in general. Was it to slow? Just right? Feedback is the best way to improve so let me know!

Also, next video I upload (in mebe 2 weeks or hopefully sooner) is gonna be pretty cool, not a montage but something a little different and fun :slight_smile:


At first I thought this was Nevov, but then it wasn’t. The pfp was a lie


Don’t know who Nevov is or what pfp is :confused:
Sorry for misleading you.




Nevov’s an active user of this forum (and they have some magic powers here)

“pfp” means “profile picture” yours is the default sorc sprite


God damn… I saw this, thought nevov responded, and came to check on it… This is genius. I should change my pfp


Lol I see, maybe I’ll change it then. I’ve had it as Sorc for the longest time but don’t comment much on Realmeye. Planning to check on it more often tho.


Lol I see, I might change my profile pic soon.


Don’t listen to these clowns who can’t tell one sorcerer pic from another. I remember seeing your profile pic on here years back and you have every right to it. :slight_smile:

The vid was a bit nostalgic seeing the game during earlier patches, like when you could level up many levels by using one chest, and the chat looking different/better than now, and the red bags before they were used for tops items only.

I don’t watch a lot of Rotmg YT vids but the editing all seemed fine.


Wow very impressed you still remember my pic. I like the original but I’ve been using this new one for my channel and Reddit so might use this for now. If I miss the original I might switch back :stuck_out_tongue:
Yea a lot of these were older clips. Honestly didn’t realize you couldn’t level up with chests anymore until very recently and I never got red bags since those days. Didn’t realize they were used for tops. Guess I really need to start playing again.
Thanks for the feedback!


Dang, that red bag early in the compilation really threw me off. Has it really been that long since they were first added within the standard tier progression? I guess so…

I thought the transitions were smooth, and the blinking when you got the white bag was a good touch. If you want an added level of challenge for future videos, one thing that some youtubers will do is line up their best item drops (white bags, good STs, etc.) with a bass drop or similar exciting part of the music. It is by no means necessary and I thought your video did quite well, but it’s something that you could try in the future if you’re interested. Well done!


Yea got some other comments of how the red bag threw them off, didn’t even know they still dropped lol.
Was hoping the white bag wasn’t to distracting, had never tried that before. Might try the music thing at some point but it’s a little tough. Props to people who line up music and item drops like that.
Thanks for the feedback!


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