New Sets and Upcoming Events


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Patch 32.5.0

why the fuck?


@moderators I think it should rather be in #news:developers-corner


Omegalol pirate cave chest event when


What about the mini skins?

glances at Mystery box shop

Oh, right. There’s that.


Have the rates already been increased for those items? I might have missed the patch in which they were increased.



(and see here as well…shameless flex)


WOW now doing Davy may give you any piece of the ghostly trickster set, the ST quiver or ST ring, and now two parts of the new ST warrior set. Soo much loot to vie for just in Davy…


Main screen graphic for the announcement:


I still think they’re doing things backwards, had they released those three classes they trialled some time back, we could’ve been seeing UT/STs for those, instead of the 8th UT/ST or whatever we’re up to now on the current class roster. Also Ddocks/Locker events are b-o-r-i-n-g. So yeah, not very inspired, still it’s nice to see them make good on their process of releasing them as lootable items.



Does this mean decals gonna remove a set they already reworked, and 2 already decently balanced sets (IMO) bruh what is even the point


I thiiink the Lod Warrior, Nest Huntress and Geb Priest are still going to drop (and even at higher rates, see the other link a few posts up), just now you won’t be able to get them out of the Mystery ST Chest (nor the mini skin out of the Mystery ST Skin Chest) because the new things take their places.

For me, getting an unsb item out of the chest was a bit of a fail (since can always trade to get those), so that’s one of em gone now, at least, and higher chance of getting a new item, with the old sb ones gone. Though I’ll miss the skin chances, and I don’t think they’ve said anything about those dropping at a higher %.


Hey, at least the bosses are slightly harder with the recent update. Davy Jones may still get paralyzed, but at least he’s stun immune now .w.


Bad news, I can’t get sts but drop rates are high anyway.
Good news, no more nth mini dragon tamer warrior skin OMG YEAAAHHHH.


I know I’m a bit late, but, great, knight became less useful again


Wrong, Davy Jones is now no longer a joke of a bossfight that underleveled players can tackle given that one (1) competent (or multiple mediocrely competent) Knight(s) exist(s).


well, yeah, but I’m thinking more along the lines of “if Deca released that status immunity thing they were testing at one point we wouldn’t have to make knight either too good or too trashy”


I think that one’s considered to bee a part of the Whole IC/OoC Package™, which in itself is a pretty finicky subject.
Which unfortunately also means I’ll have to wait for the mystic changes to come through u,w,u


Just to make sure cuz my brother was confusing me, the STs sets will continue to drop after the events are over, right? Particularly asking about the warrior set, but other sets as well I suppose. My brother keeps telling me that the ST sword and armor won’t drop from Davy’s cuz the event is over…


Yes. Void bows only drops when there’s a void event.

Ofc they will continue dropping


When I told my brother that, he said “he realizes that now” and is now flexing the fact he just got the naval armor and just completed the whole set. :angry::rage: