(New Star) Talon of Xil




Severed from the hand of Xil which was trying to take Daichi’s soul. It allows you to commune with the spirits, allowing temporary access to the spiritual planes.


Tier UT
On Equip: +5 DEX, +5 SPD
While Key Held: MP Cost: 35/sec
Stasis on self
Demonic Grip: Doubles MP Cost every 3 seconds of ability usage.
When Key Released: MP Cost: 80
Damage: 400-500
Range: 15 tiles
Projectile Speed: 18 tiles/second
CurseCurse on enemies for 4 seconds
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
XP Bonus: 6%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 500

Drops From:

More info:

During the Into Shards and Pieces 2 event that ended a while back I’ve come understand that the mountain temple doesn’t have any UTs for the ninja, which I found weird because the whole theme and such felt like it would be a great place to have a UT for the ninja as well. Which is why I had this idea.

This star would have a lot of statuses that a normal Orb would have, except executed differently. The on-held effect is pricey, but gives you the ability to stasis yourself. This would make enemies de-aggro you and shots phase right through you but you would be unable to move. This might be tricky to use as with all stars, this disables MP recovery while it is on-held so running out of stasis by not having enough mana may lead to a very deadly situation. Not only that but you will be unable to retaliate or damage enemies while you are in stasis. Additionally, this item has the passive of demonic grip, preventing long usages of the item and preventing using this item for leeching.

Note: you will be unable to use any items while in stasis or receive buffs. This would mean you will not receive ally buffs, pet healing or magic healing, nor use HP pots or MP pots (as your character is in stasis and would not be take any action). This will also ‘pause’ your IC timer so this item would not be used to override the time you are IC.

Due to the nature of this ability locking you out of battle, its projectile was made to be more group friendly and boost the utility the ninja has within a group by also being able to inflict curse on enemies. It won’t have as much damage as other stars however and would be best used as a swap-out should the group already have a good method of cursing the enemy.

Let me know what you think of the ability in the comments or what you think about the idea in the poll! I’m generally open to suggestions and thoughts to edit this idea so about this so feel free to comment what you think about it!

Edit History
  • Changed MP drain from 15-30
  • Added Demonic Grip passive and Changed MP Drain from 30-35, added more specification as to player state in stasis

What do you think about the idea?

  • The idea is great!
  • The idea is good.
  • The idea is okay.
  • The idea is bad.

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Pretty cool concept I think, but I wonder how people can abuse it. Leech star?


Ah good point, I nerfed the MP Cost from 15/sec to 30/sec so it brings it down to a maximum of around 8 seconds of stasis assuming you don’t want to curse the enemy. Although this was my main concern for the star and I might consider nerfing it a bit further to avoid leeching.

Alternatively, in terms of theming and mechanics, I could try to add a passive where it sets a maximum time you can keep yourself in stasis named ‘Territory of Xil’ or something along those lines.


mana pot celestial strats go brrrrrrrrr


Haha yeah, I made it give the the ninja sort of way to dodge attacks other classes wouldn’t be able to. However, might need to think about the balance for a bit, open to suggestions though and I’ve posted ideas about balancing it in my previous comment!

Funnily enough I imagined a skit where a couple friends are doing O3 and the ninja just peaces out during celestial, leaving his friends confused as hell XD.


As long as you cannot regen mp in any way (like cshield), this is pretty awesome. Lore is great. My first thought too was abusing this in celestial, but as long as you can’t mp pot, that would be kinda sketch as celestial runs ~20 seconds and you would be forced to hold it the whole time (+1s before) with no control over when it ended.

That being said, an mp focused set with exalts would leave you ~557mp or ~18s of stasis. That’s quite a long time. This makes it very usable in leeching miasma (no forced silence, so as long as you wait for a silence to not instantly hit you, you don’t have to worry about holding), leuc counters, and maybe even knife wall. Also, most organized survival phases don’t last this long.

Long story short, I think the focus should be more on the offensive utility. Jack up the mp/s so it isn’t abused for leeching.


You’ll still be able to use MP pots after but not during the ability, that’s probably something I should clarify as this ability would disable all MP regeneration or item usage (you’re stasis’ed so it would make sense that you won’t be able to take any action or consume any items). I’ll add in a passive where it would double the MP/sec every 3 seconds the ability is on and bump it to 35 MP/second.

Additionally, I might remove the curse on self as it seems unnecessary and might push the ninja to stasis themselves more leading contributing less group damage.

Edit: Additional math, if I ran it correctly you’ll need a full MP build to hit up to 9 seconds and a normal ninja would have around 4-5 seconds maximum. This is a little more than the max stasis times I intended as I envisioned this item to be used in quick varied bursts rather than prolonged times. Might need a bit more adjustment.


I think this is an awesome idea, and I would love to see Deca experiment with more nuanced/niche abilities like this! Great flavor and backstory with an unusual and situational effect, this kind of thing is exactly what I personally like to see in UTs.

Also your profile picture hurts me.


Much thanks! Always appreciate a positive comment like this :> I’m close to wrapping up a small series I’m doing where I try to suggest an ability idea for each class if incase that would interest you as well ^-^



you can use this star during celestial…


I think he’s addressed that concern thoroughly enough at this point. You would have to use it right at the beginning (before the silence), missing out on very valuable damage. But most importantly, even with a maxed mp build it lasts for less than half of the phase (more realistically about 1/4 of it) and you have no control over when it ends (thanks to the silence), making it far safer and reliable to do celestial normally most of the time. As it stands I see it more as a super safe leeching tool for 12 shotguns in void and basically a panic button for if you would rather not nexus (though this doesn’t guarantee anything and you have no effect on the enemy when stasised).


Just dodge lol also you’re silenced during celestial so that wouldn’t work -_-


Honestly until Kingsports pointed it out I didn’t really know how to answer the whole ‘what about celestial’ as I forgot about the silence at the start XD I’m glad the changes I made suffice to address it to some extent. I would say it wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

I appreciate the concern for balance though!


start holding right before celestial and you can still hold it through silence


the people who need to leech through celestial most likely just want to survive and don’t care about topd


Spelling error alert.

You spelled “receive” wrong.


I meant spamming mp pots -_- I know that you hold ninja stars during silence lol


To be fair, there’s still the point of silence removing the control to end the stasis (as with most normal stars), sure you might be able to stay in stasis for a decent portion of the phase, but you can’t control when that stasis ends so you may find yourself in a position where bullets are coming at you and your stasis will end soon, but you can’t get out of the way because you are still in stasis. Additionally contributing to group damage sometimes isn’t always about competing to get topd but just wanting the fight to end quicker by contributing damage when you can.


Much appreciated! Will edit in a bit.


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