New Years Giveaway! (Decas and Pixies and Nothing) [CLOSED]


username is Matthew Wu. I really liked the ralts drawing. song was ok


Youtube username: Cool Dood
IGN: Merricmojo
Pokemon drawing lmao.


Thank you for entering!


Awesome. My youtube username is César Acosta Mejía


Neloth K
And it was good!


YouTube user: PSYk1ll4h

I am a beginner music producer, so it’s interesting seeing others on Realm doing similar but different things.

Chill song, I would like to see more bass notes for dramatic effect/ dynamics (my opinion/ style, it works for the song though), the song is very melodic, thin and mystical.
Perfect resolution music for movies or games. Would sound cool at the end of a dungeon (sorry, Realm is on the brain). Makes you want to think and feel and that’s what music is all about. I enjoy it :smiley: Editing post for badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for the nice comment and taking the time to make it so long! Haha I’m pretty sure Realm is on all of our brains. >.> Also, you should show me some of your music! It’s always so cool to meet other producers!


Sounded great. Have you ever thought about making a sort of lo-fi song? Adding in a little beat behind your piano? I think that would be neat. For some sort of frame of reference if you’re unfamiliar it would be like “Blase” by Limes.

yt name is Jack McJackerson


Thanks for the great recommendation! I’m very familiar with lofi, and I’ve tried implementing lofi beats to my songs. atm im not skilled enough to make it sound good. making lofi songs is my ultimate goal. :stuck_out_tongue:


The music was really good. You have talent!. My username is GumBoyy


Aww thanks so much! Good luck on winning the giveaway!


Nice and chill, will be good for studying in the future. Youtube name is MynameisntQinoa


Thank you for entering! haha i like your name


Channel: Gram

I thought it was good for what it was but just not really my type of music tbh


I like the approach you took with the music, it sounds like a mix of light piano music and jazz. Its really something i could imagine being played at a fancy restaurant in the background while everyone ate. (youtube Username is Noah Christiansen)


Thanks for entering!


Youtube name is mell0mar


Thank you for entering!


Thank you for the nice comment!


Awesome song not something i would listen to on the daily but it was very relaxing and would definitely put in on a chill playlist or something to listen to while doing school work solid song keep up the good work.
Username is Desmond deBellefeuille