New Years Giveaway! (Decas and Pixies and Nothing) [CLOSED]


I thought the song was pretty… quiet haha get it? No really it was alright i dont like piano that much. Username is Daniel Alegre


Haha… x.x thanks for entering!


Thank you for the nice comment! Good luck on winning! :slight_smile:


LAMCHOPSS DID U ENTER ME!!! I didn’t get a reply :frowning: ;(


Hope i’m not too late.
i like the song, some parts felt like the timing was off but idk if that was just syncopation or something.
YT name is Sonorian


The song is not really my style, but its most definitely something i couldn’t do; you clearly have talent. Btw the background picture of the ralts is pretty damn cool. User Name is Cameron Murray.


U R ENTERED! dwdwdw <3


Thank you for the comment! I drew it myself >.> i’m glad u liked it


Real chill and slow. sounds good. User is Deven Brumfield


Youtube username is Chexti

Nice song, good and chill :slight_smile:


I liked the song well. I was listening to a chill pokemon soundtrack before I listened to yours and didn’t notice a real difference. At first, I thought I was still listening to it, then I remembered XD. Overall I liked it quite nicely. Username: Jacob Farmer


Straiikyr. The mood you set is interesting, between energetic and relaxing. I think you were going for relaxing from the title, but tbh this style is fine the way it is.


haha thanks for entering!


It’s an excellent song with a jazzy lofi tune. I listen to these types of song. It reminds me of the song “Song of Storms” on a piano from Legends of Zelda.
Youtube username is John
thanks for doing this giveaway c:


Thank you for entering! I love Legend of Zelda OST’s. Listen to them all the time >.>
and np <3


Thank you for entering! :slight_smile:


i still preferring that bubble song, so
my IGN IS SVMXRVI (i already got a deca from u)
yt channel: EPICS ROTMG / ANTI


Listened to the other 2 songs as well, loved bubble tea (don’t get me wrong its quiet was good too lol)
yt user is Jacinto Leocadio

hope your music picks up some traction


Man it’s a really good song, continue making more pleaseeeee.
Also u should expand and get ur word out more using social media
YouTube:jasper chen


That probably took a while to write and orchestrate will be waiting when you post me the sheet music :smiley: Realm name is Delbin!