New Years Giveaway! (Decas and Pixies and Nothing) [CLOSED]


Song is really nice but not exactly in my taste. Youtube username is “no”


Rohan hood youtube


its a bit depressing but i like it for studying/focusing on something
Youtube name: Butthside


YES THANK YOU omg ommg xd


NO PROBLEM omgoogmgogmgmggg XDDXD


Song was really good. Enjoyed it cause it’s different than what i usually listen to.
Username: big daddy


Technically, a song has lyrics. But keep up the good work.
David Harrison is my youtube username


That was actually really good. I thought it was going to be someone trying to rap, but this is a lot more enjoyable. Hope you post again soon. User is Akihiro Funakoshi


:o the things im writing rnt songs? x.x T^T
btw ty for entering!


Haha actually I used to be part of a rap band >.>


It was really good i truly enjoyed the background music soothing. User was Janny Vasquez Or Janny 8852


Thank you for the nice comment! Good Luck!


Pretty cool! Username is Bob Jones


Great! Was helpful that you put “Quite” in the title so we didn’t need to rewind but I have no negative feedback as you seem to have everything down-pat. Looking forward to more!
User: Zac van Adrichem


user name is blared yt gaming 1k subber btw <3


o wow u da lucki one (btw i used to have 1k subs last year but i didnt post for a long time so lots of ppl left T^T)


Thank you for entering! I will try to post one song each month :slight_smile: just depends on how busy I am with school.


Thanks! btw have the giveaway winners been announced yet?


They will be announced in less than an hour! Then i can go sleep >.> needa enter all the names into the rng machine


REALMEYE ign: Gjsolo