New Years Giveaway! (Decas and Pixies and Nothing) [CLOSED]


Btw my favorite piano piece is Arebesque No 1 by Debuse


The song was pretty good User : Jonathan .-.


Very nice Tunes, My user name on Youtube is Julian Lee De Vita Thanks. :slight_smile:


Noice song, username someone2 [ liked song ]


Please come claim your prizes. This giveaway is officially over.


Idk how to message you anywhere else but here bc Ima still new to using REALMEYE but I’ll take a pixie and omg thnx my guy ur the best


uwu thank you for the prize!! this guy is amazing lol

literally asked if i could cash in my own deca with the one i won from giveaway for a huntsman skin instead.

this nibba though!! he gave me the deca and said he was mistaken for the huntsman skin. was like oainfosaifo…BUT THEN he gabe me FREE huntsman!!

super amazing guy <333 he really no joke and is super nice (talked with him on discord for very long time and vry friendly uwu). please dono him some goodies if you see him; he didn’t accept mine ;w;