"Nexus" is looking for people to play [EUW]


-=- Nexus -=-

We are a small guild trying to recruit players who are looking for people to chat, laugh or just play. We offer raiding dungeons and a nice, non-toxic atmosphere and our own discord to join after accepting the rules on the guild chat. Our home server is EUW.


  • Language: English only;
  • Min. 10000 alive fame, 2 8/8, at least 2-3 hours of being online a day;
  • Amateur dungeon raiding skills;
  • No Cheating;
  • No Toxicity;
  • Having a discord account.
    Further rules can be found in our #rules channel on our discord server

How to apply:

Message ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)#2921 on discord.

We sincerely hope to see you on our doorstep. :slight_smile:


Hello there im trying to send a message to the discord profile you put here but i cannot. i like the description of your guild and im interested on joining if you have some time.


right now the discord link are expired


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