Nexus lagout


Are any other players lagging out of the game when they try to use their nexus hotkey or is it just me


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Yes, this is happening to me and other people I hear from


I don’t believe that’s ever happened to me…But I haven’t played the game in a few days. Maybe there’s a bug or something.


Seemed to start after deca made a rushed attempt to stop the hacker from filling servers. Should be fixed monday when they go back to work


Everytime I use the “Nexus key” to go to Nexus I crash to the login screen. This happened a few weeks back as well. If I nexus through a portal there is no crash and I get to Nexus fine. I was really hoping @Deca would have this fixed on Monday.


DCing by pressing Nexus button.


i use flash player projector and yes, when i play Nexus button im redirected on the main page.
also often i got dc while playing and got “load error too many attempt” and im dc for few mins…


"Hi everyone!

A small update about last weekend’s issues.

As many of you experienced and commented on in a previous post, we suffered an attack on our servers. Fortunately, after some effort, we managed to deal with it and allow you to play the game again. Unfortunately, in doing so, we introduced a slightly annoying ‘feature’: sometimes when you try to return to the Nexus with the ‘r’-key you will be thrown back to character selection. We are currently working on fixing this while keeping the game secured from this kind of attack."


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