Ninja vs. Samurai


I have this Ninja, he’s taking up a character slot, and I don’t really like his play style. Though I don’t really have a lot of vault space or character slots, so I cant store everything that’s in his inventory. I have a couple whites that he can use, they all can be used on a Samuri too, I also have a Waki of Eastern Winds.

I should suicide my Ninja because he’s boring (to me) and useless (I have a Rouge alt to rush with). He hasn’t dranken too many stat pots yet, so it wouldn’t be a big loss. Samuri is also going to get a buff, I also have previous experience on Samuri’s.

Are there any reasons to play my Ninja that actually affects me right now, or should I play Samuri because it’s a (subjectively) better class. Why would you play a Ninja, what can I do on my Ninja that another class cant? Or why should I play Samuri as opposed to Ninja, why would you play Samuri instead of Ninja?

Any insight helps.

Ninja or Samurai

Do you have a ray katana? Ninja isn’t worth playing unless you either have that or nil.


No, sadly not…


Vault any UTs on your ninja. Put on wc tops for fame bonus and kill it. Samurai isn’t worth playing unless you have crossing fires.

Can you give me a screenshot of all your characters and vaults? Sorry I’m on mobile right now.


I’m actually on mobile too right now, it there something in particular you were “searching” for?


Do you have any particularly good UTs. Like mseal, Prot, and tshot are examples that all make their respective classes worth playing.


I recently lost an 8/8 Archer with a lot of whites, I have a TShot, CBow, LBow, Sullen, and a reskin Cry Sword. I dont have many good whites.


Well if youre rebuilding, get a pally. An old tops set will serve you well. That will get you enough pots to max a better class like warrior or wizard. Use the pally to max one of those to 4/8 atk def dex spd and then use that character to do LH and trade life for the pots to max and to buy good equips. Win.


I just dont want to play those classes, Knight’s (5/8 and another 5/8 Knight alt) boring, I have a 3/8 Pally alt, I’m about to start a wizard PPE, and Warrior’s just too good… I guess I just want to play a newer class that no one really plays because there’s better classes.

So I’m guessing your more Samuri than Ninja?


Neither are good.

If you want a fun class play priest with Prot


Dude, just because you can’t play those classes without these specific items doesn’t mean the class is terrible without them.

Lean to play the game and find what suits you best. Ignore Arexrew’s obviously biased statement.


Honestly playing without those items for me makes those classes so linear and boring it’s not worth it.


Its more like I don’t want to play those classes.


Well, that’s your own opinion. Don’t state your opinion as a fact.


All I’m asking (I guess) is Samuri or Ninja? If you had to choose.


Try both out and find what best suits you.


If you were to twist my arm I would say ninja. Samurai is a low speed class and honestly it’s ability is a bit boring atm. Ninja can make the best use if the wide range of katana UTs and is therefore the most fun to make progress with.


Switch on over! Unless you’re at a point where you have enough character slots to sate your own boredom; play the characters YOU want to play! It’s a game, afterall!


anything that samurai can do, ninja can do it better. the only exception is glands, and that does not include the gland dungeons. the difference that samurai’s extra def makes is very small in practice, while ninja’s dps is high enough that you can feel the difference between the two.

however, if the samurai def buff that was on PT actually goes through, then you may want to consider him as a safer option.


have you ever used a st abe’s wand? well, ninja and archer can hit enemies off-screen with their abilities.
all you have to do is place your cursor on the quest icon, and it’ll hit the enemy.
very useful for cheesing, or soloing in a difficult situation.

very common situation is geb rage with few players unable to do anything: you can hit geb without having to move towards geb, and risking geb’s erratic movement.

this one time, I was in a tomb as a level 18 ninja, and I had to rely only on my ice star. it only took 3-4 successful shots to get myself a nile!