Ninja vs. Samurai


I prefer samurai but ninja is pretty fun too. If you aren’t liking his gameplay though you should absolutely switch.


If you find it boring you find it boring, nothing anyone else writes will change your mind. Certainly worth trying Samurai as it plays very differently in my experience. More like a Knight as it’s slower, a bit tankier, and has a very similar ability that does large amounts of short range damage while weakening enemies.

Now they’ve boosted Samurai’s stats to make it a little more resilient, with more def and spd in particular. Getting my Samurai back to 8/8 before trying it again, but I suspect it will bring it closer to Warrior and Ninja, both faster high damage classes.


…wait, what?

[HOLY SHNIKIES WHEN DID THEY BUFF SAMMIES?!? (Perhaps I should read the release/patch notes more thoroughly…) OB]


:expressionless:that’s all I have to say to you.


That happened just today, so you’re not that far behind


Ninja is not useless, mate. There isn’t a class that is useless (althought some players that can only play melee at lhs discord says that…). Ninja is good for rush and good dps.
Still it’s my least favorite class and I think samurai is more interesting as a cooperative class.

Also, any class is good without uts. Even covert is good, if well used.
People that say any class need uts to be good or playable, Especially Priest, are not really the best players out there, sry to say that.


All classes are useful, it’s just that some are more useful more often

If the Dbow archer didn’t exist, I would agree. You kinda need Dbow/Lbow to keep up. It’s really hard to do so with a triple shot bow imo. (Not impossible though)


Have you ever used one? Its useful <5% of the time.


Yea I guess but it’s more fun than using a gcookie


My personal preference is for ninja. First off, speedy makes the game always go at a decent pace. It’s incredibly fun to be moving faster then everyone else. His DPS is also insane. Samourai is considerably slower but has more suvival and has the additional ability to help the group through his ability. Ninja has more potential in my opinion but it’s defence lowers it survivability if you don’t have a good pet


Godlander videos


A wizard spell is more fun then using a gcookie.


and a star is more fun then a spell so… Ninja is the best.


Priest is fun. I’m using that and rouge to start my rotMG journey. I haven’t unlocked samurai, but a friend tells me its pretty good. I do like ninja, however, and I like the katana specifically, as it dishes out good damage, and also pierces enemies. Keep in mind, I’m a new player, though.


Honestly personally I find priest incredibly boring without prot

Rogue is fun but I’m constantly too worried I’ll get popped when I play it.

I highly recommend warrior, its fun and very strong so it is 100% worth giving a try


True. Good frontliners. They buff and have good def/att. Personally, I like healing more than buffing, which is why I lean towards Pally/Priest :slight_smile:


archer wins


f1aGG3d f0R 0fF-t0p1c!!!11!


IMO, Ninja > Samurai. If you want to play a heavy armor class, then the warrior or pally are better close range brawlers, and if you want that juicy pierce + 280 dmg stack, then the ninja is better for the quick in and out thing it can due due to its insane speed.

Samurai just seems like a mishmash of a whole bunch of classes- it’s kinda like a knight (Mini ogmur, semi-high def, close ranger) and a ninja (uses the katana). As a result, it performs neither job as adequately as the other, and due to its ability being someone less effective than others, I find the ninja to be better.

Also, unrelated but Ninja> Assassin and Necro>Wizard>>Sorcerer. yes, I said it.



I got 2k fame on Ninja, was quite fun, got a Midnight Star. Suicided my Samuri cause was way to boring.