No Dead Characters Appear in Graveyard


None of my dead characters are appearing on my graveyard. Killed off a couple on purpose, lost a couple due to tragedies, but still none appear in my graveyard. I don’t see anything except " Data for this account has not been migrated. Some dead characters will not be available." Characters from ~5 years ago do not appear either.

Playing on Flashplayer on Windows 10 if that matters


Tried using the refresh?


wasn’t there a migration we had to take part in several years ago? maybe that has something to with it
have you tried logging in on realmeye, and there should be a “think you’re missing some characters?” button at the top of your graveyard list, and it’ll update it


If there was a migration I wouldn’t have been on as I haven’t played in 5 years, I also don’t see a refresh button on my screen



This is what I see, no refresh button


Apparently this is a recurring issue and sadly, there is no solution


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