"No Effect" Abilities


I have a feeling I’m gonna get a lot of hate comments for this, but my idea is fairly simple: a “no effect” ability that only gives you stat bonuses.

Let’s say that you’re really confident in your weapon and you’re not satisfied with the stat bonuses that your ring and armor gives. With this “no effect” ability choice, players can get extra stat bonuses but at the cost of no ability effect.

For example:

  • Guardian Shield (Shield) - No Effect, +80 HP, +12 DEF

  • Buckler (Shield) - No Effect, +5 DEF, +7 SPD, +7 DEX

  • Demonic Helm (Helm) - No Effect, +6 SPD, +7 DEX, +8 ATT

  • Prism of Protection (Prism) - No Effect, +7 DEF, +10 VIT

  • Tome of Haste (Tome) - No Effect, +6 SPD, +9 DEX

  • Wood Rune (Spell) - No Effect, +60 HP, +7 DEF, +8 VIT

Lemme know how you guys think about this!


The names mostly seem to make sense, but what on earth is a wood rune supposed to be?

Also this should go in the ideas section.


You know, like nature magic…? Natural healing…?

It just didn’t seem right to go there.


@Xaklor omg its the Mechanical Ninja set from Clock Tower all over again


Why not? It’s an idea for something to add to the game.


Mebbe. But without sprites and stuff…


Next time, when you decide the names, make sure they are original and not stolen.


What do you mean? They were hastily created items just to give an example.


I don’t know. maybe you do tho.


Moved to #ideas:wip for now.


I TAKE THAT AS AN INSULT! :angry: :angry: :angry:

but tbh idc


If figured that the combination of


meant you wanted it to be more of an in-progress idea. If you’d like, I could move it to #ideas:items.


No, no, it’s fine. As long as I get my idea out, I’m all gucci


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