No forgefire today?


So I guess I have no way of proving this definitively but I crafted a colo sword yesterday before the change which put me down to 0 forgefire. Today, while my quests did reset, I did not gain any forge. I restarted my game as well as my pc to no avail. Is there some bug associated with going down to exactly 0 fire or something? I don’t see anyone saying anything about this on the forums or reddit, unlike the daily quest issue I had a couple of days ago… I’ll report back again tomorrow if it again doesn’t go up. I try to use the forge often, though, so this is more annoying for me than the material increase…

Edit. I never did get forge that day but I got it today. I guess it was another one of those one-time things :slight_smile:


I’d recommend trying to get screenshots to help prove your case!

As for the bug, I don’t use the forge all that often to see if anything was wrong…


hmmm I just logged on to check and I got my forgefire for today :woman_shrugging:


Well see that’s just the thing. I can show you a picture of me in my vault with 0 forge. But I can’t prove to you I didn’t just forge something. I did take a screenshot right before posting, but didn’t include it as I deemed it wouldn’t prove anything. Tomorrow I’ll be sure to take a screenshot that includes my clock before and after to try and show. But hopefully the problem doesn’t persist.


I rashly assumed that would be a part of it, my apologies :sweat_smile:

But yes. Hopefully, the problem will resolve itself before you have to take any further action!