No Rare Feline Eggs?


Every common skin is assigned a set first skill with only the second and third being random. It wasn’t too long ago that deca gave every pet family a heal skin so that you could get a heal/mheal/*** pet from any egg.




I hate you >:(


So thats why it was so long to get me a mheal/savage/decoy pet. Strange though, I’m sure there were no consistencies in the first abilities.


why do you want an mheal savage decoy pet?


maybe it’s because they want to be unconventional. isn’t that obvious?


I know but why lol. Like if you don’t wanna follow the meta then at least use something like mheal savage electric


I think having the “savage/decoy” mix was fully intentional. Why not shake things up from the norm, especially if you don’t find great need to be wearing your pet all the time?


But why stray away from the norm when it’s the most efficient combo?


I, for one, don’t play this game for efficiency. It can make the game rather boring. Most games, for that matter. Being efficient is nice sometimes, but can become quite mind-numbing if done all the time. Many people enjoy that, I’ve found, but not all of us do. There’s a sense of challenge, or, at the very least, a different way to think
(This is not my viewpoint for real life scenarios, mind you).

In this case, having your pet rush at the enemy to mess with the typical shot patterns sounds interesting!


I get like going mundane or using only EP for an o3 but really? Making your pet just weird for the sake of straying away from the norm? I honestly don’t mind I just find it weird


As soon as I get a 100/100 heal/meal pet, I am definitely going to be making a meme one as well. I think it sounds like a blast honestly.


Erm, not different in the sense that you want to be different from others so you can feel special, more that normal doesn’t look as appealing, because you want to try something for the sake of it being different; a new experience vastly unrestored by the masses!

In other words, it’s not for attention grabbing your saying “hey, I’m different, therefore special” it’s more of a “what if I [hypothesis], few have explored this.” That’s how I see it, anyway. The difference is the attitude behind it.

(@fury, on a slightly separate note, which combo were you thinking?)


Maybe Electric/Savage/Decoy. Not positive yet, and I’ve got a looong time to think on it.


It is not that much, anymore. Vitality has been buffed, and many classes got more of it. The pets’ healing abilities have also been nerfed somewhat impactfully. Savage/Decoy is to replace Hp healing and I always had a spare ability anyways.

Heal/Mheal was/is the most efficient, maybe, but I found very sad that I wasn’t noticing my pet doing much. It had devolved to just being a part of my characters, more than anything. With savage, I’ll send him distract foes with its cute face. It can’t be killed if it’s that cute, can it?

Efficiency is fun to achieve sometimes, but when you go the efficient route it gets quite boring very fast.
sowwy fow late weply


Yea I understand you I’ve always been a meta slave in every game I’ve played so I don’t really go with anything too adventurous.


I’m either a generalist junkie or specialist spawn in games I do. I agree that meta play gets boring.


At least you have fun. Its kind of a burden really. I always need to find something fun to make or do, because the game cannot guide me to fun, I need to seek it out.


I feel like its weird but I get “fun” from the meta but that’s just me anyway this is slightly off track from rare feline eggs now I guess

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