No Rare Feline Eggs?


It is not that much, anymore. Vitality has been buffed, and many classes got more of it. The pets’ healing abilities have also been nerfed somewhat impactfully. Savage/Decoy is to replace Hp healing and I always had a spare ability anyways.

Heal/Mheal was/is the most efficient, maybe, but I found very sad that I wasn’t noticing my pet doing much. It had devolved to just being a part of my characters, more than anything. With savage, I’ll send him distract foes with its cute face. It can’t be killed if it’s that cute, can it?

Efficiency is fun to achieve sometimes, but when you go the efficient route it gets quite boring very fast.
sowwy fow late weply


Yea I understand you I’ve always been a meta slave in every game I’ve played so I don’t really go with anything too adventurous.


I’m either a generalist junkie or specialist spawn in games I do. I agree that meta play gets boring.


At least you have fun. Its kind of a burden really. I always need to find something fun to make or do, because the game cannot guide me to fun, I need to seek it out.


I feel like its weird but I get “fun” from the meta but that’s just me anyway this is slightly off track from rare feline eggs now I guess

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