No teleport invulnerable time


i think there is no invulnerable time for a short time after u telepport pls fix that


Well, unfortunately these forums are not run or affiliated by deca, so there is nothing we can do about it, but thank you for bringing this to our awareness!
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This should still work as intended. Teleporting in the Realm gives you 3 seconds of invincibility, Stunned, and Silenced (2 seconds in dungeons).
If you refer to taking damage numbers from grenades or other AoE attacks, that is purely visual! Your health won’t actually go down at all when taking such damage while invincible.

That said, there is one notable problem: being hit by a status-inflicting AoE while invincible will make the accompanying effect last forever, which can be quite lethal. Hope they get around to fixing that sometime…


Oh dear. That’s a bug I hadn’t experienced nor heard of up to this point. Thanks for the heads up!


ive died to somoone tanking using cshield… after i teleport to him i got insta. theres a very short time after u teleport u will receive dmg


Oh I’ve known about the opposite happening: after tping there’s a very short time window you can sometimes shoot. It’s very obvious during Davy’s events cuz sometimes you tp to troom and manage a shot, get stunned, chest dies, feelsgoodman cuz u got sb


Sometimes when I tp I have the ability to shoot




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