NoIsMyWord's Below Average PPE Thread :)


Ey. PPE time. Come watch



Hm. Nice quiver got another one in the run straight after the other quiver. Neat



Finally a ring upgrade Max wis Nice, nice Damn…


RIP Samurai!


I see you have made a ppe thread! Congrats, and I hope you get some lucky attempts


Aww awesome that you’re doing a ppe, maybe I should get into it again…


Bro absolutely. I’ve been having so much fun making this despite the unlucky death




Alright sorry for the wait. I’ve had a lot of failed PPE attempts lately and got a possible good one.


uh ok HUGE blue bag Finally a wand upgrade. Things are starting to progress Even better wand This was totally unexpected…


Finally able to drop the hook on the floor. (Sorry abt the crop. I changed the volume of my music and the overlay was in the screenshot) Exa hp would’ve been a nice add-on but not complaining Scammed as always Thickets just aren’t worth it…


What class should I play next? You choose!

  • Priest (Only class I’m good at)
  • Random (Ask Guill)
  • Stop playing realm and go outside

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Alright. I’m back with a very interesting PPE


How all great journeys begin

Looking pretty good so far

Looking great so far

10/10 set


This is the only screenshot of candy rings I will take. Expect an inventory full of them soon

Some potentially useful forge items

Eyy. this was the first time getting any loot in a cland.

At this point I was sure that my luck had run out

Alright. lets test my luck and see how far I can go

Maxed my attack in a cland. How long have I been running clands?

There’s another one

And another one

Maybe I should go to sleep… what time is it?

Ok I should really go to sleep. Well one more couldn’t hurt

Max wis

Max def
Ok how many more clands have I actually done since I said one more?

Ez forge

I dont even need to caption this…

Ehhh. I’ll take it


Why do I suck?


It’s not you, it’s the Demon of the Abyss!

Rest in peace!