Not being able to trade at all


I was just in a realm and the thing in the top right said 15 left. I try to trade a friend and it wouldn’t allow me to. Does anyone know what’s up?


Sometimes trading is locked in realms on a certain server. Going to nexus or another server is the only thing you can do for now


Ok, thanks.


I noticed this once and got scared that deca had blocked me from trading for some reason. Do you know why this happens?


I’ve seen it happen, seemed to be when something had gone wrong during the new realm spawn (things were tradable, then the normal soulbound during closed-realm, but then they stayed sb even in Oryx Castle).

It was as if the game got bugged in the instant when it’s supposed to release the soulbound during the closed realm, and carried the sb through even into the new realm after Oryx. The realm also changed name (eg. Cyclops to Medusa) which made us think it was something connected to this, like Medusa inherited bad data from Cyclops and couldn’t get out of the loop until the daily restart, or the realm vanished when the server went from 3 to 2 realms, can’t remember which.


When this happened to me it was right when i joined a server


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