Not so good spell xd


Spell of the Bone Storm


This spell is made out of ancient runes that will kill anything, with bones as sharp as the sharpest blade.

Tier - UT
MP Cost - 120
On Equip +5ATT
Shots - 20 (arc gap: 18°)
Damage 100 - 150 (average: 125)
Total Damage - 2000 - 3000 (average: 2500)
Projectile Speed -16 tile(s)/second(s)
Lifetime - 1 second(s)
Range - 16 tiles
Fame Bonus - 6%
Feed Power - 1200

Drops From:


More info

Give us a little idea of what inspired you to create this item.

I just wanted to make a sprite, but it got out of control, talking by that the sprite is 33Width x 32Height.

Got a story or some lore to go along with it? I thought for a dungeon full of skeletons
like normal ones, metal ones, traps, etc. It would be something like a cave which will drop from the Court of Oryx, the boss will be giant skeleton and will be hard like 70 from a scale 1-100, i would accept any kind of critique and hate.


The stats are the combinations of Tablet and Elemental Detonation. Decent total damage as the Elemental but mana is costly as Tablet. But the ATT is a nice bonus. Overall, 7/10.




Which class is it used by?




ALL item sprites have to be 8x8 or they’d look wonky compared to the others ;3