Not updating in realmeye as my guild's founder



I recently created a guild and RealmEye has not recognized me as its founder, my status in the guild appears as “Not a confirmed member” although im its founder. Due to this I can’t modify any of RealmEye’s guild page.

Pls helpy. Ty.


You can’t do anything about that.


really? sadge


This might have something to do with RealmEye not getting any data from the game lately. You could just wait it out or maybe send deca support or something an e-mail.


it’s cuz ur guild has a space in the name

send mreyeball a message on realmeye about this, emailing deca won’t help b/c it’s a realmeye problem.

basically, used to be a thing (still is a thing?) where realmeye can’t recognize the difference between the guild “night owls” and “night         owls”. so you’d have fake founders leverage the reputation of a well-known guild for scamming, blackmail etc