Notices Regarding HowSad


Some things about my RotMG account:

1. This Account is Hacked.

No joke. Someone hacked my RotMG (not realmeye, I think) account recently, and changed the password for themself. I got quite pissed though.

2. Do NOT Interact With This Player. Ever.

Don’t. Seriously. This person is a hacker or obtained this account by ways that aren’t right. I’m not @HowSad anymore, and chances are the is the last time you’ll see me, unless on a mule/forums.

Bye, guys. I miss realm already.

Welp, time to play For Honor.


Just fuccin reset ur password thru mail


Can’t. Deca won’t FUCKING let me change the email, either.


Resetting the password. Not the email.
If u dont own the email, you’re probs fucked.


What part of

Don’t you understand?


How can’t you tho?


In other words, yes.
Sorry, I’m just rlly salty.


how could you have made an account using an email you have no access to
rwt exposed sir



######notice I used lower cases




tries to do homework while realmeye’ing

types in wrong Word document




/10 char limit


Aww Howsad for your account to get hacked😂 sorry man had to do it lmao


Just in case @moderators, since the hacker can change his info any time, I think it may e a appropriate to give a preemptive ban before the hacker may cause any potential problems. @HowSad, if you think you can somehow stop the hacker from getting onto realmeye, you can tell us otherwise, but using a simple /tell mreyeball password is just too easy.


Yep, preemptive bans are more or less the policy for compromised accounts.

@HowSad, if you do manage to recover your in-game account please send me a RealmEye PM with your IP address. If that address matches the one you last used on your forum account I’ll unban you.

Good luck.


Woah, Doc telling ppl to send him their ip adress. Sneaky.


He already can see them.


HowSad that you lost your account. Jokes aside, sorry about it :frowning:


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