Now LudwiGa has a ppe thread yay


So I’m poor and bad at the game and it is poor player experience time!

Warrior PPE!

and thanks @InfamousX for teaching me the luck of keeping t0 items

my p2w pet

t6 armor

para att

t8 sword yay



Will be updating this thread as I get upgrades

Mour warrior ppe stuff



omg fire sword1!!!1111!

you guessed it

mini fire sword lol

ok I got to 2 hp in a lib but didnt manage to ss

finally, another upgrade!

And got to 15 hp, in a lib again :stuck_out_tongue:

and i managed to die, tried to nexus but didnt work :stuck_out_tongue:


What class should I do the next PPE??

  • Wizzard
  • Paladin
  • Assasin
  • Necromancer
  • Ninja
  • Samurai

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Ninja PPE time

So since the pool results were taking a long time I started a ninja, pool winner is going to be my next ppe

t6 armor


t6 katana


okay it died when i went to a skull shrine and forgot to store the condu :stuck_out_tongue:


Mystic PPE.

Pally ppe

Since pally won the pool it is time for a pally ppe

t7 sword

t3 def ring

t6 armor

edictum owo


Nice! Finally one that is semi relatable. The other ppes seem kinda overpowered.



mour pally ppe

para att

and it is dead :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh look a ppe pro is replying! image


I have been spotted, time to go Spectator Mode


Noooooo I need to know what you where replying !11!!!111
oh image


Next ppe, make it mundane UwU


k then, what class?




flexing my skin


Mundane knight PPE

So time for knight mundane ppe here we go boissssss

t7 sword
thats all for today bois, the sake of the mundane knight ppe continues on the next episode!

mour mundane knight PPE

t3 att ring

op op fire sword

omg another one

t6 armor


No comments.
And it fucking lost mundane because I re configured my ability button and forgot it, so no longer mundane cuz im dumb
and it needS to be sacrificed now.