Now LudwiGa has a ppe thread yay


Yay 4 oryx kills…
fuck cubes


Pups like this PPE


dagger upgrade that does matter




Same tomb, lmao
ima store the pyra and use the sphinx


Yeah I couldnt get my friend of the cubes now im a wretched dog


oh fuck


Did you solo or not solo that is the question
And so does the group size if applicable


Was soloing the last phase, got paralyzed and sat on because tought i had time to type


bad life roll and ima make another one but if i used one life pot i would be at 666


Did you use a potion of leveling or maxing? ( I dont remeber what it is)




Thats a nice roll, only used a couple vit/wis and 2 def


Man… your ppe stole the stats from my ppe. Mine had -28 hp