Now LudwiGa has a ppe thread yay



The warrior is still alive I just dont want to play warrior


Best staff ever


Ik it’s not good but it’s fun…


You just got wooooshed


Just noticed I forgot to tell you about the lucky rum on the 7th slot




Oh look a top that I cant use


Hell yeah

(lost the screenshot of the para def)


That was supposed to be a screenshot of the st tome from oryx but for some reason I cant upload it

EDIT: It works now


Well since I won exalt acces im playing again, and will post stuff here when i drop something other than pbags


Unity HUD

Uh looks like im on the wall of fame for winning the make a wish…

OwO wats dis


@InfamousX Good luck on the knight ppe


Some people call it quarantine I call it gaming