NyanGamer tries to get good [yet another bad ppe thread]


not bad, imma use it


first oryx ability (haven’t touched the gift chest ones), got javelin


instant regret lmao


first completed st set :smiley:


better katana


got paralyzed


I just saw this thread which is why this is a late reply. The pet you have has the exact same abilities in the exact same order as my rare pet which is avian btw. XD


lmao got A SINGLE hit on the boss
saber=new kendo stick confirmed?


I love that weapon description too XD

It’s extremely apt for this situation.


Mheal/heal/decoy gang!

(Maxed legendary for mine, though)


bro youre so bad you remember me of myself


my mheal/heal/decoy is still a rare… going to take a while to get 9k more account fame unless i suicide my sorc which i dont plan on doing anytime soon

The General Chat Thread

lvl 20 and stats

alright, i’m actually going to use the maxing order like a normal person (i think) this time, so i’m going for spd, dex, and def first, then wis, vit, and att, while doing any event dungeons on the way.
so hopefully, ill live to at least 2/8 this time lmao


eyes slowly goes to the guild name


Hehe… hehehe… ah…

If only me and Deacon had the strength to do another cube meeting ! But these are boring, and people are disinterested. And if… i had a few decas under my shoulder…


better armor, ddocks are great for ppes

maybe i’ll just edit posts instead of making new ones every time i get something marginally better than my last item


got killed by avalon and the most deadly of enemies- a younger sibling i absolutely my brother
trix next


I know exactly how that feels. They can be so cute!.. while completely screwing over an intense moment of your game (or other more practical project). You have my complete and utter empathy.



One time my older brother held a burning candle in front of my screen in a shatters and he ended up pouring wax all over my computer. I still have some of it on. Luckily I didn’t die but I was ready to strangle him.