NyanGamer tries to get good [yet another bad ppe thread]


That’s horrible! Why people pull pranks like that is beyond me. Well, I’m glad all my siblings are younger than me. That solves one potential complication.


Yeah, he wasn’t trying to dump it on my pc, and it’s funny now, but then I got rly worked up lol



…and then I disconnected.


I got pissed I disconnected and didn’t get my pet skin, so I used a Mighty Chest.


decoying statues and daichi was fun


Update: I got permission from @JimdaFish (thank you very much) to steal his narrating style and implement it here, so now we don’t have to endure 10 consecutive posts of “hmm got this honestly marginally better item, pretty cool”! Yay!

Edit: well that was fast


Actually, I’ll start narrating once I reach at least 2/8 on this character. I really don’t want to get attached to this character, then suddenly die lmao


After a VERY close scrape with some stacked Assassin Puppets hiding behind a wall, our heroine lives on to fight another day!


Or not!


Actually, I think I’ll take a break from building shitty PPEs that don’t even last until 1/8, and I think I’ll just focus more on a project of mine.


Not trying to sway your decision, but perhaps you shouldn’t be running LoDs as a 1/8. :wink:

Pace yourself!


Hol’up, you agreed to give your soul to the Cube Cult therefore you are under our possession. Any project you do is our project, and as agreed, you cannot leave. I hope you we are having fun !

It’s a joke if you don’t get it


I’ve done (read: killed first 2 bosses, sometimes Limoz, then decided to leave) LODs as a 0/8 before. This time, however, I was stupid and decided to sit still and facetank for some reason.


I’m wasn’t sure of your capabilities :sweat_smile:. I’m perfectly able to solo a LoD unmaxed (though the time spent doing so certainly isn’t worth it for me), but the lower level any of us are, the more risk there is of us succumbing to a mistake rather than nexusing/backing off and recovering. Just a thought.


I’m certainly not capable at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never stuck around for Feargus or the Wyvern though, and I honestly don’t know how difficult they are.


Have you even entered Feargus’ room? If you can survive modern Limoz, I’m pretty sure you can survive modern Feargus. I’m not sure I’d attempt the Ivory Wyvern right now until you are stronger.


Guy went from being indisputably the weakest dragon to being by far the deadliest of the 5


And arguably vice-versa with Pyrr. Funny how that happened, huh? I knew people would establish a pattern that seemed “easiest” and was enjoying the chaotic routes while I could. Always doing Pyrr first makes him seem even weaker


Aaaand… our heroine returns!
After braving a frigid, broken world without a jacket, she brought back this pointy stick she found:

She decided to take it home and dump it in an old chest.

sorry for the lack of screenshot, Tarul was about to spawn lol

Then, she stole an oversized shirt from the pockets of a large man. She wondered why she couldn’t just take HIS shirt, but alas, RotMG doesn’t work that way.