O3 Improvements on Leechability and Ease of Fight Once Learned


After looking at the new Shatters and then doing several o3s, I have begun to realize a few major problems with the Oryx the Exalted God fight. These being that there is far too much leechability and that the fight is too easy once a few phases have been learned. I understand that many new players find o3 to be hard enough already, and that suggesting an increase in difficulty could sound absurd, however the point of this suggestion is not to increase the base difficulty per say but to instead make the fight more engaging.

First off we have the leechability. Over the last two days I completed 3 o3’s on fresh level 20 characters with no armor, no ring, and t0-t2 weapons and abilities, without ever needing to dodge very well. Additionally, I somehow got soulbound without ever really going in for dps beyond the first few staggers and the final death phase. (proof below)

For the final fight of the game, this seems pretty ridiculous. Maybe the best players in the game should be able to do this, but for someone like me this should most definitely be impossible. From what I can tell, there is one main reason for this, which is the fact that the large majority of the fight is taken place right next to Oryx. The only exception to this is the towers, which play a very minimal role in gameplay. Beyond celestial and heavens, if you have Oryx off your screen the entire fight, shots will rarely ever enter your view and it is extremely hard to die. This should not happen. Looking at any of the three new bosses from the Shatters, there are projectiles on your screen at any given moment, and the fight keeps you moving all throughout. This is also the case with Marble Colossus, Void Entity, and pretty much every other exaltation boss fight.

My suggestion to improve on this is to pretty much just add more stuff to the fight. This could involve adding more minions, making the towers shoot more projectiles, or making Oryx affect parts of the arena far away from him. For instance during shield bashes where his attacks only affect players sitting very close to him, he could throw out bombs far away to push people in towards him.

The next topic is how the fight relies on learning phases too much, and that once these are learned o3 becomes a joke. Panic and Scream, Splendor, Cosmos, Outer Rotates, Heavens, and most notably Celestial all become pretty much impossible to get hit from once learned. Players even beg for Celestial, the most notorious phase in the game, to come because of how easy it is compared to the rest of the fight once you learn it. Looking at MBC and Void Entity, the fight always continues to be hard no matter how many times you do it because they never rely on learning phases.

My suggestion to combat this is to randomize existing attacks. For instance during Panic and Scream, instead of shooting at 90 and 45 degree angles, the shots rotations would be completely random. In Splendor, instead of the pattern always being right, left, down, up, it could instead throw out bombs randomly but always ensure there is a safe place to stand. This way, instead of doing the mindlessly ingrained pattern, you would have to carefully watch where the bombs are falling.

Thanks for reading


Or… you could just increase sb damage. It’s ridiculously low and by increasing it, you’ll have to push in more often


Wouldn’t stop the fact oryx 3 is easy it just stops the fact the loot is easy to obtain.


that’s not as easy
marshmallah talked about that in his document, the problem with increasing the htreshold is that not every class has the same dps, it’as also easier to damage while being ranged rather than melee, etc…
and imagine you’re a just a new player to o3 and the first time you actually successfully complete it you didn’t get your sb, because obviously you’re not experienced enough, that sounds frustrating


Wouldn’t this make people who are chased by Oryx essentially a living hell? Like having to dodge chase shots, towers, AND portals, while those who leech can just dodge towers & portals?

I can get behind this, it’s like a reverse o2 chase phase.

Because you don’t have to rely on learning phases, the fights (especially void) are easier than o3 for literally being “just dodge”. The actual hard part of the fight (basically only mbc) is survival (when you get hit by a slow shot and have to tank shots to move with the tentacles) or the double passbys that throw undodgable wall of bullets you have to tank. Sure 4 shots in void can kill you, but they are really easy to dodge compared to o3.

Well there are a couple of reasons why there’s not that much leeching during those boss fights. The most prominent one being:

Life time of enemy shots
Every boss you mentioned has enough life time on their shots that they go across the entire arena, enough so there are no designated leeching areas for players. Examples of this are Void, Forgotten Sentinel, and Crystal Worm Mother.

Restricted Space in the Arena
Even if the lifetime is long or short, if the arena is too big, the player can simply just go to the other side. Restricting the area players can move to forces them to face boss patterns. Besides the previous bosses mentioned, which restrict their arena, Killer Bee Queen, with it’s small arena, allow for no leechers (unless they go outside the arena).

Boss Placement & Movement
This is the major problem with o3, as it’s one of the only exaltation bosses who has a chasing system goes for an unlucky player or decoy while leechers can leech. However, bosses that stay in the center and shoot out shots that cover the arena like MBC, Twilight Arch Mage, Killer Bee Queen, and Crystal Entity, or bosses that circle around the arena in a fixed pattern while shooting shots towards the center, like Void, MBC passbys, and Crystal Worm Mother, ensure that every players gets indiscriminate treatment on shots.


Yes… you can still survive through it easily but if you don’t hit sb, you don’t get loot or the exalt. Sure you can do it in eazy mode but why would you?

@Neo I understand that you can’t raise the threshold by too much but it’s currently ridiculously low. You can prob hit sb by just hitting in his death phase. Additionally, if you fail to contribute to the group and survive purely through leeching, do you really deserve the same chance at loot as the ppl who brought maxed out sets and sat on O3?


There would be no reason for new players to play melees if you increased the sb damage. 90% of new players would just use a wizard/necro and it would make the wizard meta even more apparent.
You also have to take into account that servers such as gravity (no reqs) would die out as people would just bring insanely OP sets and all the people with ppes (what no reqs is intended for) would never get any loot.
Overall increasing sb is a horrible idea the o3 fight needs to punish leeching in a way that would not take away loot but increase challenge.


The problem I was trying to state is that endgame players brining ppes would not be able to get any loot even if they pushed in which counters the argument of making it less leechable I also didn’t mean with no armor/ring/t0 weapons I meant the average ppe made 30 minutes before the run (t5/t2/t5/t2)~
People already have really good sets so it would mean any new player without o3 items would be forced to use really good gear (for there standards) instead of throwing bad characters at it and become demotivated after losing too many highly invested characters.
Finally you’re point about melees bursting out more than the average ranged is just wrong as you have to take into account that during phases such as fate/gaze/fleeing/non decoyed or dragged crumples/slashes are almost impossible for a melee to hit. A wc tops wizard will always out damage a wc tops pally/knight/warrior if the players are at the same skill level especially if the wizard has EP.
Trickster/ninja is in no way the “leech meta” infact they are the best classes to learn o3 properly as they have good movement allowing you to push in at close range without being so close you arent hitting the boss.


wait wtf when did i withdraw this what


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