O3 runes ettiquette


Hi. I’m new to selling o3 runes. I’m no longer in the Black Bullet Discord, the only people I’ve been saving my runes for, and the only people I was Discording with, so I have decided to sell my runes, as I have no use for them not having interest in doing o3’s and all.

I’ve had a couple PM’s so far, and I’m a strict “not gonna get scammed” guy, and always tell the person I’m not entering Oryx’s Sanctuary, and that it’s definitely a no-go if they wanna pay me after I pop. This led to me not selling my runes both times.

So, my question is are rune scams common? Do people in the o3 circle have a good reputation on not scamming? What is the etiquette here? Is it just like anything else (pay after/before popping a key)?


Scamming can definitely be an issue. My suggestion is to find someone that you trust, or from a reputable guild. I sold mine to the “h” guild a while back because I know they are one of the top in the whole game right now and I felt I could trust them. Feel free to reach out to them, I am sure they are always looking for more


I once sold all Oryx Runes for 3 normal Lives total.


i’d gladly save it for h
they’re one of the guilds i became acquainted w/ through black bullet
also, mochi and a couple other guilds
i probably would do it for free for them, not sell it


depends who it is, in general the legit (non cheating) private discords don’t scam.

If it’s a guild who is buying it depends on how reputable the guild is

generally it’s pop first then pay in these scenarios where the group buying has a reputation


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