O3 with The Senate - Top 10 Guild!


Come join The Senate, veteran players with no guild!
We do guild dungeons of all tier, with an average of 7-8 people in vc at all times and a maximum of 26!

Discord: https://discord.gg/4KWpgr6
Application: https://forms.gle/9PhZuBZvLBGSCymY9

We’re looking for very elite players to do O3 and endgamedungeons with! Apply soon and be the next to lag onto Dammah!
Our main server is USEast

We have no strict requirements, all it takes is a majority vote on your application from the guild and you’re in!

~ Disc and Senate Officers


For all y’all joining the guild, we’re gonna be hosting a MotMG PPE contest! The prize pool currently includes 6+ Decas! Only members of The Senate can join however, so apply now if you want to join the competition!