Offensive words filter


Why are “jap” and “homo” considered offensive words and are censored in game (/tell). Lol.


The filter isn’t very good (and it shouldn’t even be forced to be on in pms).


Uh because they are slurs.


But they could make it optional like it was so everybody can decide for themselves if they want to read slurs or not


Was going to post the video clip in a drop down but decided against it. when it comes to racial slurs imma steal idubbbz words (probably said many times before him but w/e) “either all of them are okay or non of them are okay”

Deca definitely has been going with none of them.


Back in the day, i wanted to name my account “Japheth” but couldn’t because rotmg said it had inappropriate language in it. I never knew what it was; could it be jap?


Yeah that’s a good video. And it spits truth.


Reminds me of when putting “knight” in your name in Dark Souls would appear as “k***ht”.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a word filter that actually helped in any way.


I don’t think edge cases like the ones you mentioned (where part of the word can clearly be present in other regular words) should be filtered.
(“jap” I can understand if the person who makes the filter is actually competent and makes it only filter if there’s a space before j / after p, but also doesn’t seem like a lot of people nowadays are aware of its history of being a slur, they’re just trying to abbreviate “japanese”. “homo” shouldn’t even be filtered no matter what because how is a sexual orientation a slur at all, unless I’m missing something it can be used as a shorthand for homosexual perfectly fine without insult).

The actual fix to such chat problems is not creating an overzealous filter that won’t actually stop a determined person from spouting hate and only exists so lazy developers can pat themselves on the back for “stopping racism”, but actual competent and active moderation of the game’s chat which can catch people misusing the chat and punish them accordingly so people have very good reason to try not to be assholes.

Of course, I don’t think a filter should be absent entirely. The toggleable filter that still stops basic swear words like the f word should still be in place to allow for a family-friendly experience™, since that’d be the intention behind the current filter.

Then lastly, here’s a hot take from me. A chat filter shouldn’t just treat blatant slurs (like the n word for example) the same as a swear word. Those two are not functionally equivalent. Just don’t allow the message to send at all if it contains a blatant slur. Don’t just cover it up with symbols as if it were a regular swear word. The competent chat moderation I mentioned above will catch the truly vile individuals who bypass that, and for everyone else who even thinks of typing out the slur, they’ll soon find that their behavior was not tolerated by even the game itself, and perhaps it will make some of the folks who just want to be edgy/say no-no words reconsider because hey turns out the blatant slur is not on the same level as the f word at all.
Racism shouldn’t be normalized in any way, even when it comes to the little things like an in-game chat filter.


Homo is a derogatory slur, yes

Or at least is usually used as one, doesn’t look like the worlds made it’s mide up on this one.


It makes me think, some player named AndrewAngel in minecraft got banned from multiple servers. Guess why ? “Offensive word in the name”.


It censors the word ‘prices’ as well. It’s annoying as hell.


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