Old player rewards


While I’m a relatively new player and i got two cheap free slots, one for char and one for vault, my friend who alredy had an account since long before (we talking almost 10 years ago) has no benefit from his return to the game and should have deleted the account in favor of a new one.
Is it possible that old accounts are to be replaced with new one, when talking about free to play users?

There’s no incentive for really old gamers who came back to the realm?


I’m afraid I don’t quite understand; what benefit would deleting their old account have? Old accounts can still get free character slots and vault chests via daily logins, just like new accounts.


I think he was referring to the beginners pack.


The free steam pack? I think you can still get that, but I’m not sure if there’s a different in-game beginner pack (that I’ve probably missed too) XD

Edit: Also I do think DECA had hinted at thinking about some sort of reward system for older players, or something like that.


Old accounts most likely miss out on the new beginners pack that gives them a char slot and vault slot for fame. You are better off starting over than using an old account in some cases I believe.


I legitimately did not know this was a thing. That makes more sense now.


Yeah, sorry I’ve kinda been not too clear.

:star:Imivan got the point: i was talking about new player’s free char and vault slot (for 2000 and 300 Fp)

Tell us what we don’t know x)