Old Vet Returning looking for New Guild


Hey fellas,

Long time vet here (played since 2012), just came back to realm after a many year break. Don’t even have all my chars showing on my realmeye. Looking for a new clan to learn and grow with. Got a few 8/8s, and of course a few lower like 6, 7, etc.
I work a full time job, often with overtime and have a fiancée so will only be playing when I’m free. Fame wise I don’t even know, think over 10k still though. Been weird since I left and not sure what much of the new stuff is outside of all the base dungeons (i.e. udl, abby, lib, lab, tomb, ots) but the updates and all been to scared to check out. Hoping to relearn end game stuff again. Anyways, just let me know if you’d be interested in having me.


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