Omo Guild Recruitment! [USMW]


Welcome to the OmO recruitment thread!

OmO is a guild made up of players from many different tiers of skill. We’re based out of USMW, and are quickly growing! We use Discord to communicate and to plan dungeons, as well as chill and play other games. Since we have such a diverse group of players, we have fairly low requirements.


If you don’t meet the requirements but are close, every player is given a week after joining to meet them.

  • Two 8/8 Characters: We run a lot of Shatters, Tombs, Cults, and Thickets, so players need to have characters that will be beneficial to guild dungeons.
  • 4,000 Alive Fame: Fame isn’t nearly as important as characters to play on, however it does make the guild more appealing to other players hence the Fame req.
  • Basic Shatters, Tomb, etc. Knowledge: You just need a general idea on how to do most dungeons, if you have any worries, there are some really skilled players that can teach you how to do something :slight_smile:.
  • Discord: This is one of the more important ones, as all members should be in the call if we’re doing dungeons. (A mic is not required, you just need to be able to hear callouts.)
  • No Cheating or Toxicity: We’d like to uphold a good reputation as a guild.
  • We also have a requirement of at least Red Star, and account created at least 300 days ago. (Also a minimum age requirement of 16 years old.)

How to join us?

If you would like to join OmO, there are a few options:

  • Join our Discord! Link:
  • Message any Officer+ that is online.
  • Reply to this thread!
  • Message myself, or any other Officer+ on Realmeye.

Please ask any questions at all below.


^^^ Tuff guild, join up


Growing fast <3 Still open recruiting!


Hi, i joined the discord and messaged the officers, I would like to join the guild, I play actively everyday and would love to learn from experts


Recruitment still open!


32/50 people :slight_smile: If anyone is interested, hmu in game or use this discord invite!
Guild is getting more and more active!



Bump! Still recruiting!


Hi, I am interested in joining. However, I don’t meet the star requirement do you make exceptions to that rule?


Update: We had to raise our requirements to 2 8/8s and 4k fame due to a large amount of people still joining/asking to join.


Recruitment is still open! (Limited spots left.)


Bump, we broke top 100 :slight_smile: Still recruiting!


Yo, I’ve lost a bit of the appeal I had for my current guild because they just run raids and shit like that a lot. Do you guys do a good amount of guild-only dungeon runs? Looking to get into more of the endgame content without feeling like I’m being carried by hackers and 64 other people.


Yes, we mainly do guild dungeons. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me in the Discord :slight_smile:

Also, bump still recruiting.


+Bump, still recruiting active players.


Hello! I’d love to join!


Epic guild


Top 100 guild btw


still recruiting bump


Few spots left


recruiting still