On paper


Since school’s been canceled, I’ve been doing a few of these lately (since I’m bored). Please reply with any item that you’d like to see me do! (I’ll be doing them in order)


3d white bag


My keycaps look so dirty :nauseated_face:




Yes 3d.


Cloak of bloody surprises


Sense there’s the event and all, why not a alien set for the ninja.


how about ogmur? looks great btw!




Cdirk and omni


Could you elaborate?


image image

Maybe ill try and make some too, I’ve been felling like drawing something realm related with my copics recently.


Old Marble Colossus :^)


Found out my picture was upside down, so deleted that one.

The cloak turned out really well, though the dark red is way on the browner side.
Top of Omni looks good, but the bottom gold-ish tone was hard too find, so I kinda just hid that part. CDirk went well, though the blade could’ve used some better colors (I am after all using just general markers).


Looks really nice


this is a really cool concept and it look real neat broski, you should try and draw a pixie lol


Looks nice, but I think the cloak’s hoodie should be the same color as the strong red you used (not the brown-ish, the other one)


I know the picture and the gray on the Entropy is really bad, but everything else looks relatively good.