On the topic of unity port


Who’s ready for gpu optimized, vsync off, 244hz rotmg gameplay?!? : DDD or 266 if you play 720p o;;


I can’t wait to finally get more than 40 frames (not stable) on rotmg on my 1070ti

144Hz 1440p :sunglasses:

Hopefully I’ll actually find the game fun again by the time they release the port.


I’m not going to have fun with the unity port because of new content.
I’m going to have fun with the unity port, because it has been ported.

It’s going to run smoothly. A decade long dream of running this game with decent hardware, is finally coming to fruition. No longer, will we have to worry about the best way to slow the multiple memory leaks of actionscript 3.


if it’s decently optimized, then a 1070ti has more than enough capability to deliver 144 stable on 1440. I’m just scared the new game is gonna feel way too different.


Yay no more mini map going black once every hour until I restart the projector


weird flex


Why did you necropost >:/

Wait… WAIT…