One More Time (Updated)


I mean… yeah. The Ritual Robe isn’t meant for non wis-mod classes lol. Hell, you’d get more mileage off of Gsorc compared to it on summoner. Items having more effective use for some classes isn’t really a fault.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you though about the overall balance of the game being a bit wack, by the way. Anyone who’s heard the disappointment in someone voice when they get a Nil can attest to that.


Judging from this part, you want to see projectile’s hitbox size gets decreased

Are you talking about the residue shots from the boss after she dies?

I am not saying that you are wrong. Whenever I raid any Exaltation dungeons, I alway pack myself with 16 HP pots on my inv and other 6 on my quick slot.

Now I don’t get this analogy…

Almost nothing is telegraghed? Is that what you are saying?

I did notice that O3 is the only Exaltation that requires you to be out of the Realm.

So true, whenever some dudes shoots Dammah in the beginning…me died to that counter like few times. I just wish this doesn’t exist.


Were you ever a part of Beach Zone? I feel like I vaguely remember your original IGN

I quit playing seriously a while ago, but it definitely feels like the game is completely new in some aspects imo. the game is fun in short bursts, but I really lost that love and addiction I used to have for it even a couple years ago. I don’t know if it’s because the changes themselves are objectively bad or just because I’m not used to the game that RotMG is becoming, but I just seriously lost that vibe I used to get from playing RotMG.


I think all shot projectiles in the game have the same hitbox, which is why your character can touch big fidgets in void but not actually get hit. They want the character’s hitbox to be smaller, which… doesn’t work at all. It would literally make the game too easy, and they would probably nerf priests, vit, pets, and such.

Probably leaf phase. If you can’t dodge shots that decelerate, then, that’s a skill issue.

They’re saying that the patterns and such, in Realm, are not clear, verseus some boss in Binding of Isaac. Well, obviously you need sharper reflexes because every hit in Binding of Isaac counts. Every hit in Rotmg Doesn’t because your character can heal HP. I’m not sure what they mean by this. Maybe talking about how MBC survival can have double drive by’s or whatever. Most things in the game have a discernable pattern. Not sure what they’re talking about.

Yeah, I think what they’re tryna say is that the phases and shots and stuff that bosses do aren’t obvious enough, which I don’t necessarily agree with. You learn the dungeon, and it’s not supposed to be written out for you to follow to a tee. If you want something to be perfectly written out in front of your face, go play osu! relax mode or look at a LEGO instructions book.

What they meant was that the Knife wall counter is a hard, but predictable phase that players would know what to do when they see it.

A lot of complaints… are agreeable enough, but tbh… if they enjoy Binding of Isaac so much and throw so much shade at Realm, then they should just play Binding of Isaac.


I stopped playing for almost a year, and most of it was during the point Beachzone spawning started. And boy am I glad, this is the exact kind of thing I don’t like about certain spheres of Realm.

BaconSM worded it better. However, I’ll use this moment to say this directly: yes, it would work. If you did other things alongside it.

Simply reducing the player’s hurtbox and nothing more would only make the much harder content more reasonable while invalidating a lot of the earlier content, but even then, a lot of earlier content isn’t really the most difficult to begin with and should be a good bit harder in exchange for being easier to adapt to for newer players.

Leaf shots in her 3rd and the orange-yellow rings that she leaves in her 2nd both decelerate and linger way longer than they need to. Also,

it isn’t really much of a skill issue when they literally cover every avenue of escape. I got trapped directly into a corner to the point I missed out on an Eastern Ends because I was simply playing at a range and suddenly every exit is unavailable.

I’ll lump both in for ease of access. Bacon, no, a lot of things do not have a discernable pattern at all. A lot of the time, you can’t even tell when something is going to attack unless you know before going into the fight or stand far enough away anyways, and a lot of projectiles can go in completely unexpected directions because of the targeting system that enemies have which can lead to completely BS hits despite it targeting where you are and not being predictive.

The reason that The Binding of Isaac is an effective bullet hell is because everything, sans very few enemies or attacks, are unclear; you can clearly see and hear how a lot of things go right off the bat, without it also holding your hand through the entire thing. The best example would be bosses like Baby Plum, where you are given just enough to know what’s going on to know how to dodge it without it giving you any pointers beyond that.

With Realm, you have to either take a shot in the dark or stand far enough away to not get hit no matter what, and that isn’t really something I’d be proud of in terms of game design. And since it’s related,

This is a gross misrepresentation of what I’m saying. If you’ve ever played Isaac at all, you’d know that while things are telegraphed, it’s only to the point where you’d be able to pick things up and not hold your hand through it. I’m not asking for every single thing to be handed to you, I’m asking for something that gives me at least the tiniest shred of anything that would make it possible to adapt before getting blasted in the face with whatever bullshit is coming my way.

I talked about it a lot with other people when talking about things like Lost Halls and Oryx’s Sanctuary, but here’s an example of what I’d find to be ideal for this. Take Marble Colossus pillars, they’re seriously unpredictable with their shot patterns even if you know them; for the first tile or so of their direct range on projectiles, add a faint-ish line that shows where the projectiles are going to be aimed. That’s it. Not enough to hand you any dodges, but enough so you know at least a bit of what to expect.

Also, yes @PRCSakura, I did mean telegraphed.

I’m not even saying it’s predictable(which it can be), I appreciate the phase because it’s a much more adaptable attack than anything else. You don’t need to focus on five things at once while also wondering what the hell is going to happen; you know what’s going on and you can just get straight to the point of dodging.

As for this point.


But this isn’t even a point of “I like Isaac a lot”. I’m using Isaac as an example since both are Bullet Hells mixed with other genres, with one doing things miles better despite it being a lot harder.


This is simultaneously the truth, and painfully erroneous. On some battles, yes, some shots are literally undodgable. A smaller player hitbox would help mitigate this problem. On easier battles, it wouldn’t really make much of a difference, because they’re already easy to begin with. They’re meant to be easy, because the loot they drop is complete garbage. Also, many players are already proficient with the harder battles. Making it even easier would just make the game’s economy even worse than it is right now. Alongside crashing the economy even more, it would also warrant many nerfs to players and items, or buffs to enemies.

I have never gotten trapped by the leaves in WLab, and part of it is because you simply do not dodge into a corner which cuts off any hope of escape. It’s like running into an alley from a murderer, you can’t run, hide, or live. You already know this, but this is why sticking to the walls in MBC is recommended against; you lose an extra direction to move into, just like how you simply don’t walk into a corner during leaf phase. Also, if you really are in a jam, you could always teleport to somebody else in the dungeon… if you land your clicks precise and fast enough.

Knowing is half the battle. And making split second adaptations is 49% of the battle. Doing the battle is 0.5%, and skill is, the last 0.5%. I don’t understand what you are talking about when you talk about the targeting. Enemies either fire rings of shots, or shoots in a pattern which does not target anyone in particular, or fires shots or a pattern of shots in accordance to the closest individual. A great example of this is Void. Star wars blasters targets the closest person, but the fidgets do not, and both are in a radial pattern that is quite easy to see. I would, obviously, be pissed if a projectile goes in a direction that I don’t expect it to, but projectiles in RotMG aren’t that hard to predict if you’ve seen it before.

Like I already said… knowing is half the battle. I have neither problems with multiple attempts, nor doing research of my own so I can beat something. Maybe it’s cause I’m used to bullshit, but I’m not bothered by this, and I don’t think many players who have played for a while are either. They know what’s coming, and they can deal with it.

Anyways, I stand by my original point. Realm is not a traditional bullet hell. And is Binding of Isaac really much harder? I have not really played it much, mostly played other things like EtG and touhou. I have to look for a full DLC repack because I have no money so yeah.


he was talking about the beach zone guild.

also mbc survival isn’t that hard, maybe at first. but you can hardly judge after not touching the game for 2 years, you can’t expect to be insane at the game and just dodge everything


This feels extremely cherry-picked, since you took a very small snippet of a full response: “make the much harder content more reasonable”. Here’s the full section just to make sure you properly read it.

“Simply reducing the player’s hurtbox and nothing more would only make the much harder content more reasonable while invalidating a lot of the earlier content, but even then, a lot of earlier content isn’t really the most difficult to begin with and should be a good bit harder in exchange for being easier to adapt to for newer players.”

The analogy here feels out of place, as there wasn’t any way for me to possibly know that at that exact moment, there would be a wall of leaves directly around me preventing me from going anywhere, whereas people who know what an alley is would automatically know they are dangerous. But even then, decision-making in a very stressful situation like that is bound to become flawed at best, because no sane person is going to be level-headed when faced with someone trying to murder them.

This only works in dungeons that allow it, which… doesn’t include a lot of the stuff that this would realistically be a part of, but it only seems to exist in Woodland and other dungeons that have decelerating projectiles like High Tech Terror.

This is the biggest point I’ve been trying to make about why Realm’s Bullet Hell philosophy doesn’t work. You can reread a lot of what I’ve said, but to summarize, I shouldn’t need to know everything about a dungeon before going in. There is a fine line between needing to experience things to get a better idea of how it works and needing to almost certainly follow someone else’s example just to have a shot.

Which is why I’ve been so adamantly saying that a subtle-ish hint of what a pattern will look like would be the most effective way for people to adapt to a situation without removing its difficulty. This would especially be helpful in places that deal monstrous amounts of damage without any clear pattern unless you know that said pattern exists beforehand.

A great example indeed, but also for my point. There’s quite a lot of things in the entire Void Entity fight that will make you nexus extremely quickly if you’re not aware of just how wide some attacks are, the status effects a lot of projectiles use, how certain projectiles move, how the Void Entity moves when performing certain attacks, how minions move and what they do; while there’s nothing wrong with some level of uncertainty, if I’m not here to watch YouTube videos about things before I try to do them, I shouldn’t be immediately risked with death because of things that are this unclear.

It isn’t even clear how a lot of attacks work to people who do run the dungeon a lot. Hell, even as someone who’s run quite a lot of Voids in the past and has been around as long as I have, it never once occurred to me that the thin lasers were targeting the closest player. It doesn’t help that if I’m close, I’m going to be blasted down to half health regardless of the character I’m on and have no time to even make the connection to begin with.


This boils things down way too much to where you’re forgetting certain details. While enemies have always had certain methods of attacking through the game’s existence, not once has it been clear - except in later content that utilizes telegraphing like the Crystal Entity fight - how things behave unless you’ve seen it a lot, like Slime God’s attacks being predictive. That’s not something you’re going to know unless you put time into seeing it happen, in which you’ll be seriously punished for basically not immediately knowing how it works; it doesn’t help that you’re not given any sense of direction with it either. You’re left guessing how it works until it either eventually clicks, you check with outside sources for a single entity, or you give up.

Read the above statements for this one. I will instead tackle one specific portion:

“They know what’s coming, and they can deal with it.”

That’s people who have seen the game for long enough - a couple years at worst - to know what antics it pulls; think of people who are still relatively new to the game but far enough to be considered “good” at the game by community standards. They’re subjected to all of the bullshit stuff that the game has to offer (which is copious) without having the experience to know that this occurs.

Not to mention, just because you’re used to it, how does that excuse it? Bullshit will always be bullshit, even if you’ve experienced it enough to know what it is and how to deal with it at least enough to not get demolished immediately.

Realm isn’t traditional, but neither is The Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon. I actually know Gungeon quite well as well, as I’ve 100%'d that too, so I can give you a much better example.

High Dragunfire, despite its absurd difficulty, is miles easier to adapt to than things like Marble Colossus, and is not reliant on you needing any knowledge prior to entering; it’s entirely based on reading the room and adapting. Regular Dragunfire with the Dragon in play is a bit off-putting even to me still, but even that stands as more fair, as there is a visual cue at the very least.

Nothing in Realm has that sort of visual cue to let you know what’s happening; it gives you the bare minimum in terms of what’s going on until the moment it happens, with very few exclusions such as Marble Colossus starting up, Oryx 3 completing his intro animation, or the Marble Colossus pillars changing color. That’s absolute piss compared to how a lot of other similar mixed-style Bullet Hells work, especially those that are untraditional like Realm is.

I can also certainly say that Isaac is much harder if you don’t have crazy luck with specific synergies that are known for destroying everything but require such specific odds that usually, it’s fair game, outside of certain items that are known for being cheese items, having extremely high unlock conditions, or something absurd in need of a nerf anyways.

Never once heard of the guild, then.

I’ve had a lot of good experience with Marble Colossus, actually, even after quitting Prod for almost a year. The Private Server I mentioned had someone who used to be a Raid Leader/Security in Lost Halls make an almost identical Marble Colossus, and the accuracy - with very few changes all around, mainly some damage values and being able to slow it - is rather uncanny. I wouldn’t be trying to talk about Marble Colossus being stupid if I didn’t have the experience to back it up, and I’m not, because I do have the experience.


i used to think mbc was stupid hard too, but after maybe 40(?) voids post ic/ooc it’s really not. i hate to say it, but just dodge :eyes:

and considering you haven’t played in a year, you likely haven’t experienced ic/ooc much if at all, combat as a result is massively different, i’d go as far as to say pre and post ic ooc mbc is completely boss


did you even remotely read what i was talking about, because i specifically said that it is sometimes literally impossible to just dodge :tm:


it’s not. realm hitboxes are dumb but you can theoretically dodge everything or at least a significant amount


is your point about the ic/ooc system or hitboxes, because you can’t switch between both

also, i’m not going to continue this if you’re just going to repeat “just dodge” in different wording. sorry if that comes off as rude, but i don’t have the patience for it.


I mean this is true, if you are just playing a class with purely WC tops (except when you are Exalting a class) it gets real boring. Forging somewhat solves the problem that you mentioned but ST are still in a bad position.

Pretty sure Cheerful Chipper got nerfed after it came to Prod. Though yes, some items needs rebalancing. The current status of endgame white bags be like “I am the best and nobody can compete against me”.

May you list me the items that needs rebalancing, more than just Chipper?

Secondly, as XYemmy mentioned, Summoner is not a Wis-mod class despite of having 75 Wis cap, thus MLab Robe obviously better than Ritual (the respective UT’s is best on Wis-mod classes).

Man what? I would LOVE to get my 1st Nil, I need that extra Defence…


At first, thank you for your detailed statement, DreamIess!

hmmm… yes, it is. I never ended any endgame dungeon. It’s hard enugh to get a char that far that I could give it a try, but I see no chance doing one of the endgame dungeons (also i’m a liitle bit color blind, what makes me do not see every projectile). And I’m guaranteed not to never use discord (don’t want to strip me naked to these … yes, I read the data privace policy).


Forging itself is stupid as well. I made a majority of my Summoner’s useful items with nothing but Candy Rings and a Spectral + Beehemoth Armor, along with some CCs for a Fallen.

Yeah, it did, and that’s what I was mentioning; its DPS was so stupid and protested that it was given the nerf before being put in Prod.

Prepare for a long list. This doesn’t include a decent amount of ST Stuff or some limited stuff because frankly I couldn’t be bothered to look through everything.

  • All Oryx’s Sanctuary items but Divine Coronation, but especially Lumiere, Battalion Banner, Vesture of Duality, Genesis Spell, Exalted God’s Horn, Gladiator Guard, Centaur’s Shielding, Turncoat Cape on Rogue and Chaotic Scripture.
  • The Forgotten Crown.
  • Sword of the Colossus and Magical Lodestone.
  • Bow of the Void and Ring of Omnipotence, Omnipotence less so.
  • Staff of Unholy Sacrifice and Ritual Robe.
  • Soul’s Guidance.
  • Pirate King’s Cutlass is being added here for the fact it’s just a slightly different, untiered Splendor.
  • Doku No Ken’s Proc.
  • Cloak of the Planewalker. Yes, this is actually on here.
  • Tablet of the Forgotten King, Spelling Spell and Sporous Spray Spell.
  • Tome of the Mushroom Tribes.
  • Crystal Shield.
  • Cave Dweller Trap, in comparison to other Traps specifically.
  • Wavecrest Concertina.
  • Robe of the Mad Scientist.
  • Water Dragon Silk Robe.
  • Resurrected Warrior’s Armor on Warrior and Paladin.
  • Soulful Affection.
  • Entropy Reactor, though nobody needed to say this. Hell, even Loaded Core.
  • Foreman’s Hardhat.
  • Ancient Spell.
  • Theurgy Wand.
  • Tricorne of the High Seas.
  • Vortex Plating, from what I’ve seen.
  • Gjallarhorn when used with Dalvar’s Battle Axe.
  • Squaroid Staff, from what I’ve seen.
  • Harmonious Harp.
  • Hirejou Tenne.
  • Helm of the Juggernaut.
  • E.Y.E.
  • Honey Scepter Supreme.
  • Predator Bow.

While it’s true Summoner has no Wis Mod, the question comes to this: why is a robe that drops from a Common Quest dungeon performing better than a robe that drops from an Endgame Dungeon when both are designed mostly for the same purpose: more ability uses?

Hell, I don’t even think other people are seeing just how ridiculous Lab Robe is in the grand scheme of things. 25% might not seem like a big number for a lot of abilities, but if you’re using things with a high cost, then it’ll always perform better than Ritual Robe almost regardless, because the lost Wis Mod is immediately supplemented by the fact you’re getting insane amounts of MP saved. It’s most noticeable on things like Chaotic Scripture, Tome of Holy Protection and Soul of the Bearer, which are reduced from 150 to 113 MP Cost.

This is actually a very good opportunity to talk about something DECA absolutely needs to add: color filters and some assists for those visually impaired. I know someone who is sensitive to red light to the point that looking at it for too long - which is minutes at most - outright makes their eyes hurt, which immediately removes Abyss of Demons from things they can do. Not to mention, being colorblind can make a lot of things extremely hard to see, especially in areas like the Mountains when there’s Beholders or Ghost Gods, or in Lost Halls for the rocks in Marble Colossus.

This is something that DECA has yet to even try touching on, when really, they’d get a lot of potential new players if they were to do something as simple as add a Blue Light Filter or Colorblind Assist to the game, because people who are visually impaired will be able to play the game properly.

UTs need to be changed

I think a better way to tackle of having to be lucky would be implementing a piggy-bank mechanism to droprates. Like this one:
Add some true form of loot forgiveness - Ideas / Other - Forum |

Meanwhile I raided like 140+ Mountain Temples but only got one actual white (aka Aether Orb). I forged 3-4 Fallen but yet to get an actual one…

I am guess you are nerfing everything? I would love to see your ideas of rebalancing on those respective UT’s to confirm my guess.

For O3 whites that you mentioned:

  1. Horn isn’t that good when compared to Coronation, as the +10 Dex is turned off if you are less than 90% HP. Coronation retain its +8 Dex regardless meeting the HP threshold or not AND having +55 MP for some classes like Samu. Heck, even before Coro got buffed, I would still take it over Horn.

  2. Lumiaire… I can’t really think ways to nerf it other than reducing the maximum range and its damage?

  3. I wouldn’t nerf Gladiator Guard but buffing Mercy to make an actual difference between those 2 respective DPS armors.

  4. Vesture… oof. I think this one is gonna be a nerf than a buff. The only nerf I can think would be reducing its Attack buff from +15 to +10. IDK, I would like to see your proposal.

  5. Genesis… This one might be a nerf. Maybe decrease its damage to 200, duration and its frequency to 3 seconds but grant armor piercing?

  6. Centaur’s Shielding… Possible nerf (as I do remember you said it outcompetes Tenne when you are in Healing status). Maybe strip off its reactive proc, distribute DPS stats equally (+6 Dex/Att) and give it +40 HP?

  7. Turncoat Cape on Rogue (I can tell it’s the permacloaking issue)… Maybe nerfing it by not becoming visible again when getting hit after Invisiblity from cloak wears off until its cooldown is finished?

  8. Banner… Can’t tell you want a nerf or a buff on that UT.

  9. CScripture (again you complained that it outcompetes max-Wis build Devastation on Sorc): Possibly nerfing Chaos Beam’s damage by 50% (or maybe even up to 60%) and strip off its healing property?

For everything else:

Crown… Looks like you want to nerf it? Can’t tell…

Colo + Potato… I think you want to nerf them. Maybe decreasing Colo’s effective range or/and its damage? Or making it a sidegrade to T14? I mean it can somewhat compete with Majesty as the respective tiered sword deals similar damage to Colo and it can shoot straight. For Potato… reverting its stats back to its pre-buffed state?

Bow of the Void… I heard Seelpit wanted it to give 2 shots, weaker damage but give it armor piercing. IDK how would you want to rebalance it. Omni… I can’t think a way to rebalance it, again I want to hear YOUR idea.

Unholy Sacrifice + Ritual Robe… Only thing I can think would be strip off its backward shooting, nerf its damage but give it normal firerate? Buffing Ritual Robe even further?

SGuidance… Nerf? Making it a sidegrade to T12? Can’t tell what you want.

Cutlass… I can tell that’s a possible sidegrade.

Doku’s Proc… Nerfing its total damage but decrease its duration? Make it deal 800 damage in total and lasting 4 seconds? Increase its cooldown to 5 seconds?

Planewalker… Don’t know that’s a nerf or buff or even sidegrade.

Tablet + Spelling Spell + SSS… Nerfing Tablet’s damage to 200 consistent damage but decrease the MP cost to 90? Can’t think one for Spelling Spell. For SSS… decrease its damage to something like 800 or even up to 600?

Tome of the Mushroom Tribe + CShield + CDTrap… nerfs?

Concertina… I think you want that a nerf. So far, I can think of greatly decrease its duration by 50% (which in thus, reduces the total damage to 900). Or maybe make the parrot follows the enemy as well? I wouldn’t strip off its Armor Piercing property though.

Robe of the Mad Scientist… Can’t think a way to rebalance it other than reduce the ability discount cost?

Water Dragon Silk Robe… This thing got buffed a while back so I can’t tell how to rebalance that…

Resu on Warrior + Paladin… Paladin can already benefit with Resu, as a +20 Wis increase the max HP boost by 40, which can make a difference in some situation. On Warrior, Resu increases Helm’s duration by 2 seconds and its buffing range by 2 squares.

Soulful Affection… I can think of increasing Vit/Wis gain by 5 more (meaning a +10 Wis/Vit) but decreasing the HP gain by 1/3?

Entropy Reactor + Loaded Core… Nerf? Buff? Can’t tell.

Foreman’s Hardhat… It’s getting more rarer now and I don’t think it needs a nerf or a buff anytime soon.

Ancient Spell… I… don’t know about this either, as it already deals less damage than tiered spell.

Theurgy Wand… Want to hear your thought.

No they don’t. Ritual Robe is about souping up Wis-mod’s abilities’ potency like Sorc’s Scepter. MLab Robe is about ability usage efficiency.


It’s probably the least stupid of the items I specifically mentioned, but generally, if you can keep up your health it performs better than Crown. And Crown is already kind of dumb in that it gives more DPS stats than an Unbound ring while also giving 110 Health; Horn gives Health and Defense.

The range is meh, but the damage definitely needs to be lowered on it. Or, possibly, its Rate of Fire. Either way, its DPS is way too monstrous.

I find Mercy to be pretty balanced compared to everything else, as it’s a massive loss of Defense for the DPS it gives. Gladiator, however, is not much of a loss at all compared to other Defense items while also giving just under the DPS of Mercy’s Bane and more Speed than even Zaarvox’s Heart. It’s pretty much just Mercy’s Bane + Zaarvox’s Heart, but on steroids.

Vesture would serve better if you got more Attack based on how much MP you use. As is, you can just use something like Spelling Spell on Wizard, or the T0 of any class, and get an unruly amount of Attack basically for free, which is a huge issue.

The total damage is the issue, of course. Back before Sanctuary, there was someone who made an idea for a spell that overall did 10k or so total damage, and I - along with others, if I recall correctly - were very against it, so I don’t know why it’s suddenly fine when DECA does it.

Having its overall damage reduced to, say, 7k - 8k would suffice, and adding Armor Pierce would make it a bit more niche. However, Armor Pierce should only be applied if the damage reduction is on the lower end.

The issue isn’t really how easy it is to get the Healing status, but rather just how much DPS you get because of it. Lowering the overall amount of DPS stats to make it around equal to that of Tenne, and giving it a bit more Defense or some HP, would work well enough.

I think you’re on the right track, but wording is off. But yes, the general idea is that there should be a Cooldown for when you can get Invisible again, not when you can activate the Proc again. (I don’t even like the Proc itself, but I’m saying it should be nerfed, not completely changed.)

100% needs a nerf. It’s essentially just a supplement for Paladin that any class can use, and since HP Boosts generally don’t get super high unless you have a Paladin that has Tier 7 and a monstrous amount of Wisdom, it won’t be that much of a loss to instead just bring a few people that have Banner instead.

The MP Cost nerf was a step in the right direction, but that’s a side-effect of the Tome nerf(which I overall disagree with for specific reasons) and not because they felt the Tome was OP. The Damage would serve just fine at around 1000 - 1500 and with a bit less range, and the Heal being a tad less would also help, but not by too much so it still serves the dual purpose.

Absolutely. There’s a lot of different things that you could do with Crown that would make it still strong but more fair in use, and the one I personally went with for [ private server name ] is an Equip Summon.

Basically, it just summons two Royal Guardians that deal a decent sum of damage but attack slowly, while having Armor Pierce. As a drawback, the Health is reduced to 100, the Attack is reduced to 5, and the Dexterity is also reduced to 5 but turned into Vitality. Provides DPS all the same, but in a different form and overall less nuts.

Colo’s old Amplitude/Frequency was a lot more fair, as there was less room for you to miss in order to get the damage. Of course, just a tad less damage would also help, but mostly making it less reliable so you have to properly aim it would be best.

As for Potato, reducing the other stats back to the original while adding a minimal HP bonus would help, maybe around 40 or 50.

Void, as is, just… lacks its own gimmick. It’s just a one shot bow. However, giving it a bit lower range and damage, with adding Armor Pierce in exchange, would help it stand out from the other one shot bows. Making it two shot would feel even weirder as it would essentially be called Coral Bow 2.

As for Omni, it’s mostly the stats that are bothersome, but I can actually think of a way to make the item more interesting overall, and it’s another concept that I used in [ private server name ].

Essentially, depending on what stat is lower - Health or Mana - the lower stat will heal faster, while the higher stat will heal slower. These values can be argued over, but an ideal number would be around 33% to 50%. In exchange, remove Health and Mana from the ring entirely.

Unholy Sacrifice would work best with its Rate of Fire being put back to 50% and reducing its Damage by a bit, roughly in the 15 range for both Min and Max.

As for Ritual Robe, the amount of Wisdom it had was fine before, but if they want to keep the Wisdom at 20, it would work fine if the Attack was reduced to around 3. Either way, the Mana could be reduced down to 20 in exchange for an extra point of Defense or even two.

Reduce the damage to around 350, increase the Cooldown to around 0.6 at bare minimum, and remove the ability to Curse entirely. Hell, you could even just make the Proc a passive and increase the Cooldown to around 1.2 Seconds instead, because you’re going to get the Proc to activate very often either way.

Decreasing the damage alone would help, but I feel that the most prominent issue is the fact you can just switch weapons while the Cooldown is going down, and then switch back when it’s back up to just use it again. It would be best for the item if the Cooldown only went down while the item is equipped.

It definitely needs less Invisible (possibly around 4 Seconds) and a downtime of 1.5 Seconds instead of 1 Second. Teleportation is ridiculous in a lot of scenarios since you don’t have to worry about dodging or going around certain parts of a map, you can just skip all of it, and for what? 15 more MP than T6?

Also, they never even bothered to nerf the Invisible time of Planewalker away from that of T6, despite T5 being lowered.

Tablet needs a unique gimmick instead of relying on what spells already do, but even stronger because of the boomerang. It’s debatable as to what that would be, but overall it just needs something.

Spelling Spell’s max damage just needs a nerf by a reasonable margin. It’s a Mistake item but has the highest Damage-to-MP ratio behind that of Genesis Spell, for some reason?

And for Sporous, definitely just reducing the damage would be good enough, since its niche would be present without it feeling too strong. However, this brings up a major issue; Penetrating Blast Spell is just an extremely weaker version of Sporous, and that’s something that needs to be addressed.

I feel for Penetrating Blast, giving it a short Armor Break and increasing its MP Cost as a result would work wonders. It gives it a good enough niche while not making its presence greater than that of Ogmur or “POgmur”.

Mushroom Tribe needs less heal. That’s it.

Crystal Shield is an absolute fucking mess, however. I don’t need to talk about it in relation to E.Y.E. because there’s already videos that show that, but my god, the sheer amount of Invincibility you can get with it is absolutely dumb compared to an actual event white(Oreo). Even if it costs more, that doesn’t excuse it, since I’d rather spend more Mana for a longer duration than less Mana so I can spread it out.

And Cave Dweller… I think the damage of that needs to be reduced in exchange for Vile Spirit’s damage being increased a decent margin. I got that trap the week it came out way back when, and it was just… so weak. It felt like such an underwhelming Event White, even for that time.

They need to add a Cooldown both to the Proc and the activated effect. That’s what it’s missing.

Less MP Cost reduction, but also adding a minimum decrease so it’s still useful on lower tier abilities and such. Perhaps around 15%, but a minimum decrease of 7?

I think that the Proc just wasn’t at all needed, personally. It had its place as the Speed robe, and with the added Attack they added with the Proc, it would’ve been perfect as just that; a strong DPS robe with some Speed as well, at the cost of ability power. However, of course, they had to add a Proc…

On Knight it isn’t as noticeable, but the fact that a mana armor gives 20 wisdom is pretty out of place. It was just fine with 5 Wisdom, but then they increased it to 15 and added another Proc, then increased it to 20?

Just halving the amount of Wisdom it gives and the amount of Wisdom it takes would be enough, since they’re insistent on keeping procs on everything.

Health needs a reduction for sure, but I don’t think giving it 10 Wis and Vit would be good either. Just reducing the health alone, and maybe adding one Vit and Wis, would be enough, even if it’s a limited item.

Absolutely need nerfs. 100%. I cannot overstate just how stupid the stat increases are, as well as the overwhelming amount of Procs that are present on them both. The Procs themselves, even on their respective items, are super dumb but putting them all together with individual cooldowns is a complete and utter mistake. Reducing the strength of the Procs to around 2/3 of the original and reducing the amount of stats you get would work well enough while not getting rid of its presence entirely.

The Mana it gives is the only stupid part about the item, and all the other hardhats for that matter. If they were reduced substantially (maybe half) it would be fine, since it relies on Combat.

Needs a higher MP Cost, by at least +20.

Its Amplitude/Frequency should be tweaked to make it a tad harder to hit, much like Staff of Esben’s. As is, it’s extremly easy to hit both shots and as such can completely replace all tiered wands; if it were harder to hit, it’d be an actual decision to make.

The thing about adding a lot of Wisdom is that you can’t have Wisdom without it being used for more ability uses, as Wisdom in that harsh of an amount will make you inherently able to use way more abilities. And I think that’s just fine; making a Robe specifically designed for using abilities more is a great idea. However, as is, you’re stuck between two items from dungeons that have drastically different difficulty for the same purpose.

I don’t think that Lab Robe’s effect is bad or anything, but I don’t think it should outright replace an endgame white in all scenarios for classes that don’t have Wis Mod. It should be at least something of a competition, or reliant on how much MP the ability uses like with all of the 150 MP abilities.


I didn’t finish the proposal of all the UT’s you mentioned but here are the rest of them.

  1. Tricorne of the High Seas… Don’t know how would you rebalance it…

  2. Vortex Plating… Maybe reduce the numbers of projectile?

  3. Gjallarhorn when used with the Battle Axe… Give it a +15 Dex buff instead? Maybe that could nerf it?

  4. Squaroid Staff… Strip off its 150% firerate?

  5. Harmonious Harp… Don’t know how to rebalance this one…

  6. Hirejou Tenne… Buff? Nerf?

  7. Helm of the Juggernaut… I don’t know if it needs more nerf or not because Armored already got nerfed to 1.5x Defence. And plus, it’s not that good on O3 as there are armies of armor piercing shots…

  8. E.Y.E… Definitely gonna be nerf. I heard some dude said the proc should trigger only if you are taking actual damage.

  9. Honey Scepter Supreme… Don’t know how to rebalance this one…

  10. Predator Bow… This one got nerfed a while back… so I don’t know if it needs more nerf or not.


This one needs more of a rework than a rebalance, since it’s just a worse tiered Helm in exchange for the cannonball attack. It would work better if, instead of the cannonballs being a Proc, they were part of the actual ability.

Say, the Berserk stays how it is; low duration, not the most reliable. However, you use the ability for the high damage shotgun, and even though it would cost a fair amount more MP than it does now, it’s useful without needing to rely on a Proc that requires taking damage.

And to supplement the fact that Draconic Dominance fires shots as well, you could give that an effect, such as Slowed so it has a bit of the original feel where it Paralyzed.

I’d probably say just reduce the damage it can deal down to 2/3, or make it based on the amount of MP you use, like my Vesture suggestion.

Dexterity increase would be miles better, and would allow it to be used in groups that already have Berserk.

I’ll have to check just how to use the staff, but if what I’m thinking of is correct, just reducing it to around 125% would be good enough.

Slight damage reduction. As is, it beats Void for a good bit, when really that shouldn’t be the case given that the only drawback of Harp is its Shot Speed, which is actually helpful for enemies with set movement patterns(which is a lot).

Needs a sharp tank in Defense, just like how Mercy’s Bane is. To supplement this, the Defense could be given to Reikoku, as that’s the item that requires going close to enemies to use it anyways and is part of the set.

The only thing this needs is for the Cooldown to come back. The rest is whatever, but the fact that you can now infinitely get Armored - which in turn will make you way less susceptible to going into Combat - is way too ridiculous for 90 MP.

It’d be better if the damage was based on how much damage you took and adding a multiplier of some sort, or making it exponential. Right now, it having a set damage means you can go Armored with something like Jugg and deal mass amounts of damage to enemies without needing to lose even 100 HP.

Damage. That’s all you need to reduce. Even if it’s meant to literally just be a better Honey Scepter, that doesn’t change the fact it’s a Mistake item, which are meant to be joke items.

Still seriously strong, to the point that it needs it even more. It being a Limited doesn’t excuse anything.


I don’t think there’s really going to be any way to balance items that give damaging procs that doesn’t give an advantage to solo play or group play. If you think about it, a Damaging/Berserk buff is stronger in solo play, but a dps stat buff would make it stronger in group play. IMO I think that the berserk buff and damaging buff from the nordic st set parts and battalion banner respectively should stay the same since solo play is a lot less common today in realm than before, and honestly just bringing a warrior and pally into a dungeon would be infinitely stronger than a pally with nordic st gear or a warrior with banner respectively, even with hp scaling.