Oni Set (Samurai UT)


Back on to my routine of making UT set, now for the Samurai!

Oni No Ha (Oni’s Blade)

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The mythical sword of the legendary Oni lord. Its swiftness and hunger for blood and vengeance make it a true implement of destruction.

Tier: UT

Shots: 3 (arc gap: 15°)

Damage: 115-135 (average: 125 / total: 375)

Amplitude to Frequency: 1 to 1

Shot Speed to Lifetime: 80 to 450

Range: 3.6 tiles

Rate of Fire: 50%

Special: Ignores DEF

Fame Bonus: 5%

Feed Power: 500

DPS Graph Comparison

A katana with great damage and the ability to ignore DEF, which make up for the low rate of fire and less range.

Every devastating slash this katana makes, tires even the mightiest mortals.

Demon’s Wrath

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A short yet deadly blade forged for slaughtering without a hint of mercy. It is widely believed that this wakizashi holds the essence of bloodlust and hatred.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 105

Shots: 6

Damage: 480-510 (average: 495 / total: 2970)

Effect: Curse (3.5 sec) to target(s), Slow (2.5 sec) to self

Range: 4.5 tiles


Shot Pattern

The shots move from left to right, starting as a compact cluster, spreading out at the middle, then compacting again.

The Y and X location both depend on the cursor location. If it is close to the user, the shots begin in a lower Y location.

If it is to the side of the user, the shots start at that angle.

A powerful wakizashi that deals a great sum of damage and inflicts Daze in return for Slow to the user, a rather high MP cost, and the fact that the shots cannot pierce through enemies. An excellent ability against stationary enemies or those with predictable movement.

Jaakuna Yoroi (Evil Armor)


A dark piece of armor made from many pieces of mahogany metal and reinforced with the scales of Orochi, the legendary serpent.

Tier: UT

Stat Bonuses: +19 DEF, +5 ATT, +5 DEX, -5 VIT, -4 SPD

Fame Bonus: 4%

Feed Power: 400

This armor trades off a good chunk of DEF, VIT, and SPD for a boost in ATT and DEX. Somewhat similar to Mercy’s Bane, but more generous with DEF, for the Samurai cannot tank like the Knight.

Oni Mask


An evil piece of work that engulfs the user with wraths of evil and chaos, granting them the senses and mind of a true Oni.

Tier: UT

Stat Bonuses: +7 ATT, +6 DEX, +3 SPD, -50 HP, -6 WIS

Fame Bonus: 4%

Feed Power: 400

A ring that focuses mainly on DPS while sacrificing 50 HP and 6 WIS. A good choice for those with good pets, which can negate the two losses.

Items together:

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And that’s all for now! Thanks for reading, leave your thoughts below, and I’ll post more ideas soon!

  • Sword Shot 1 (Sharp)
  • Sword Shot 2 (Bolt)

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So far I noticed the ring is too op on offense


I changed the stats up a little bit. Tell me if it still is problem! :smiley:


Only things I would change would be making the sprites either a little brighter or a little darker (RN it seems a bit to dull)
and maybe removing daze, simply because it would be best (IMO) to keep daze unique to the QoT, and a few others. especially because if to many UTs have daze, than it will be used so much that many more bosses will be immune, and also because QoT deserves to be special like ogmur


I like that idea, and I agree that QoT should be kept unique! I changed it to Curse and lengthened it by 0.5 seconds.


What’s the katana’s and waki’s range?


Added the ranges for both! :smiley:


7.634/10, good idea imo


Only one more thing ^^’: does the katana pierce enemies?


No. Pretty sure that would be too OP?


You know it :relieved::sweat_smile:
I like the set.
Maybe the armor is a little bit ahead compared to the fire battle armor (I won’t say mercy’s bane, since it is an st armor and therefore there are the bonus too), but in overall I find the set interesting.


Nice! I like to see the samurai get some love. I see you haven’t uploaded the sprite. Will be looking forward to it.


…the sprite?


Great work! But, seeing as how its a set of items, you should turn it into an ST, so you get stat bonuses depending on how many you have! I also love seeing samurai loot getting some attention :slight_smile:


Samurai already has an ST set, so I figured I’d make it UT.


True, but I still like the idea of group set bonuses :slight_smile:


The ring kind of seems like a bad Crown, but other than that I like the set! :smile:


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