Earlier today we had an incident during an admin event where one of our admins mistakenly spawned a Krathan’s Gift. It gave both powerful and restricted items to players. Naturally, this should have never happened, and we are currently in the process of removing the items in question, as well as the potential benefit gained from them. If you got hold of any of these items, please do not use them, even if you feel tempted to do so. We apologize for the hassle caused and thank you for your understanding.




if these items are used, will the player be punished in any way?


We will remove the items and revert the consequences of the usage.


Why can’t I ever be on when this kind of stuff happens?


straight up doodoo



Hi Wotansson, due to this previous rollback, I am requesting the reinstating of the following items:

  • 8 Creator Rings
  • 200,125 FR Test Permakeys
  • 300 Skeleton Keys
  • 8805805 Admin Katanas