Opacity settings on YOUR OWN projectiles


As I’ve played with the reskin spirit staff for a while (highest fame bonus staff that I have that is actually semiusable), I realized that the sheer size and number of projectiles was incredibly obnoxious and I couldn’t actually see the bullets from the things I was shooting.

This doesn’t often occur, but when it does, I feel that it impacts the viability of the weapon in a way that is unintended and far too meaningfully, and so I suggest the ability to toggle opacity ON OUR OWN shots to combat this.

It would also be nice to be able to render enemy bullets OVER our own bullets as well, as a complimentary feature or as a standalone.


well spirit staff kinda sucky and i dont think this would be super effective for many weapons, maybe superior, but yeah i think 50% opacity or something like that makes sense


To be honest, I just keep everybody else’s projectiles completely off. I also have it set to only show if I’m actually hitting an enemy. Other people are going to do damage, but it’s not really critical that I know who’s doing what other than myself.



This post is about MY projectiles, not others


I read that as “ally bullets;” ignore me :sweat_smile:


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