Open Beta Bonus Program & Upcoming Chest Challenges [Apr 15 to May 7]


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Copied from an official Deca Reddit post:

Shatters/Void/Cultist Events [Apr 22 to Apr 30] & FP Changes
[Spoilers] Open Beta Campaign Info
Patch Notes [X.33.0.0] + The Machine Event [Apr 1st to Apr 6th]

Man I really hope that the runes will drop from something else than only chest events.

Imo there is way to much stuff that is already locked behind keys and once per realm events in this game. Those things should be as common as incs.


Those runes have pretty good FP.





I spy a copy/paste job! :smile:
I’ll edit in the correct item name with a comment, where it refers to the Broken Ornaments from the last campaign (Oryxmas). Edit: done.

In-game main menu news item graphic for this campaign:

Open Beta Bonus Program

Edit: and lower right news panel graphic for the events:

Upcoming Chest Challenges


So Keyper… seems that it was deactivated, Reddit saying:

Although one just spawned in my server? So I’ll take it they fixed whatever (?) was wrong?


How rare does the rune seem? I guess compared to some other item? Or how many dungeons have you done vs how many runes have you gotten?


I don’t really understand their purpose, and I read DECA’s posts twice, can anyone explain them to me? Their jumbled announcements look like the e-mails I get in my Gmail spam folder.


They have none now, but once oryx 3 is released you will need one of each rune to unlock the dungeon/fight


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Lmfao thanks I forgot about that XD


They extended the end date of this by a day (the redemption end date is unchanged but the tokens will drop for an additional day).

Copied from Reddit, posted yesterday as “Small Update on Open Beta Bonus Program 05/05”: