Opinions on spirit staff?


So, I have been farming Magic Woods for about 6 months. I have yet to receive this staff. What are its uses and is it worth grinding for? Feel free to check out my realmeye for suggestions on which class I should use it on, but I don’t think it’s that necessary. This little green money staff eludes me. From what I heard it’s not that good or rare, but it’s the only glands white I don’t own.


Useless. Nuff said.


Extremely overpowered, the only thing keeping it balanced is that you can’t use it and the Honey Scepter simultaneously.


Best staff bro, use it with minor def and your character will become immortal



I wish it had at least a single use like the whites from sprite and snake


Its one of those whites that you get 30 mins into a ppe and then just replace it as soon as you get a t11.


pet fud


As noted, the spirit staff has next to no use. First, it has a fat amplitude which makes it more difficult to land then teired staves. Secondly, its dps is just garbage when it comes to high defenses and its extra dps at lower defense isn’t enough to make it worthwhile. If you get one, just note that you got one and then feed it or something.


The staff is good but like common asf how do you farm for 6 months and not get it.


It’s got fairly mediocre DPS (similar to T12), but its got a nasty big amplitude, making it difficult to fully make use of.
Still, it can be pretty fun to have the super fast fire rate!
If only they’d buff it just a little more…


Contrary to what everybody else says, it has a really good use: large people lost halls with ogmur.

At 0 def, spirit staff has the highest dps for a normal staff (I’m looking at you, EP and Parasol). The amplitude means that you can only shoot from specific range intervals, meaning that if you know how to use it, then it’s super good in situations where the enemies are ogmured almost 100% of the time.


someone gets it atleast


It’s pretty decent. Certainly usable as a main weapon, with staff classes mostly having high attack the reduced damage per shot is less of an issue, so you’re not that disadvantaged against high def enemies. Shot patterns take more getting used to, but if you’re familiar with tiered staves it’s basically the same but with a bit more width. Much better for shoot around corners with, which is occasionally useful.


Personally I never use it, I prefer to use a sunstaff/t13 staff.


Even if an enemy is armor broken and exposed, the difference in dps is less than 10%, if the enemy is only armor broken, the difference is ~3% to a cosmic (and even less compared to t13)

Considering that you won’t be able to maintain the specific distance you need to get both shots in if you have to dodge or the enemy is moving and you’ll have to rely on enemies being armor broken and exposed virtually the entire time, I don’t think its good at all.

no t13 has the same dps


Having just consulted the dps graph (I’ve seen one in the past with spirit staff that showed spirit staff to be the highest dps at 0 def, but now that I think about it, I think it only compared it to tail), you are indeed correct.
With that in mind… yes, spirit staff is… quite bad. However, if you do not have a t13 staff (given that those things are REALLY EFFING RARE), then it’s… useful to slightly outdamage t12, which only really matters if you’re some freak from max eff.
Given that it drops from a super easy dungeon, I’d say that it’s fine… scrap that, I think it could use a slight buff.

Thanks for correcting me!

Edit: I decided to play around. I changed the rate of fire from 165% to 175%. The aqua line is the 175% RoF and the green is 165% RoF. I’d say this would be fair, as the amplitude makes it quite hard to use, and that there are not many cases where there’s an ogmur 100% of the time.


Spririt is still useful for that time when you don’t have t13. The shot pattern is a bit bad but overtime you could learn how to range / space yourself correctly while predicting enemy movement so you don’t miss any shots


personally, I think it is a solid alternative to a t11 or t12 staff against low def enemies but once you move onto 20 def or above I’d say use a cosmic. Only real benefit it has above 20 or so def is that it looks cool imo but not much else.


even then your reliant on enemies being armor broken almost all the time and get only a marginal increase then, while the disadvantage you have if you can’t get both shots in or some enemy isn’t armor broken is much bigger.


thats why you only swap to it when enemy is armor broken. you’re right it is not much a difference but it is still something to swap to for max efficiency / using everything for its value